Headhunting Trends To Watch for in 2017

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2016 was an explosive year for politics, economics, and technology. Now, those topics are trickling down into human resources and hiring, making it hard for headhunters to know how to predict the trends and pick the right candidates for the future of the industry.

There are some forecasts for headhunting that recruiters must be aware of to prepare for the upcoming year.

A Move Toward Contingency Workers

A significant trend for companies now is taking on contingency workers instead of regular employees.

Contingency workers, also known as contractors or consultants, are popular for companies that want to “rent” an employee without having to worry about hiring talent.

Contingent work, according to Wikipedia, is non-permanent employment relationships. These jobs can be part-time or full-time, feature limited job security, and may pay based on the job or project rather than at an hourly rate.

Leveraging the Power of Data

Maximizing the use of data is not a trend that will go away for headhunting anytime soon.

It is predicted that human resources tools and technology will be even more powerful in 2017. These tools help a company or headhunter better assess if a candidate is the right fit for a job’s skill requirements.

They can use these tools to create targeted queries for better candidate searches, more easily organize potential candidates, and track the interview-to-hiring process with ease.

More Mobile Emphasis

Headhunters and job seekers are both pressed for time and always on the move. That is why more recruiting agencies will need to use mobile-capable websites so that potential job seekers can access their website on the go.

The most attractive jobs will be those that use mobile advertisements. Entrepreneur’s Andre Lavoie says that nine out of 10 job seekers used a mobile device during their search in 2014. A few ways he recommends boosting mobile visibility include:

  • Not just focusing solely on being mobile-friendly but having an attractive, efficient mobile-ready site is key.
  • Simplifying the application process so that it can be completed on a mobile device.
  • Embracing the use of video interviews so applicants do not have to schedule meetings or drive long distances to interview for a job that there is no guarantee they will get.
  • Kicking mobile recruiting into high gear and using the mobile device as an extension for headhunting.

Employ Someone that Understand Headhunting Trends

Sometimes knowing how to find the top talent comes down to knowing what is trending. Today’s talent is mobile, on-the-move, and ready to jump on the right opportunity.

More importantly, job seekers today are less interested in money than they are a “right fit.”

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