5 Ways Tampa Headhunters Find Sales Team Members Who Drive Results

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5 Ways Tampa Headhunters Find Sales Team Members Who Drive Results

A Sales team is the heart of every business.

They are what drive profits, bring in new clients, and ultimately keep that company afloat.

Tampa recruiters are more than aware of the power a great sales team holds. That is why they work hard to recruit top talent and find sales team members that drive immediate results for any enterprise.

Recruiting top talent is not easy. Not only is there plenty of competition, but an interview does not always shed insight into how a sales professional will perform when they are on the floor.

To overcome these obstacles, Tampa headhunters employ strategic questioning, aggressive interviewing, and offer just the right amount to attract the most productive sales staff.

5 Insider Tricks for How Tampa Recruiters Find the Best Sales Team Talent

1. Identify the Traits that Work for a Particular Industry

Certain industries demand certain characteristics. That is why a recruiter will assess the particular industry for their client and then determine what attributes their sales staff need to sell effectively.

Some industries require more aggressive sales staffers, while others require a more intimate and compassionate approach.

Also, a good recruiter looks for the key personality traits that all sales team members should have, such as empathy, listening skills, creativity, curiosity, critical thinking, and persistence, according to Inc.’s Heather R. Morgan.

2. Conduct an Aggressive Interview

Sales are aggressive. Even if the staffer will not be taking an aggressive approach with a company’s clientele, the team member must be able to remain calm under extreme pressure. They should be able to respond eloquently to questions posed by potential clients.

To identify who can handle such demands, the interviewer must be aggressive with their questions. They do not need an aggressive tone. Instead, they need to demand specifics, and the candidate’s answers should be well-thought out and in-depth.

3. Assess the Cost and ROI for Training That Employee

One big deciding factor used by Tampa recruiters is the cost and ROI of training an employee.

While some sales team members have experience, they still require training on the new company’s products and procedures. So, a recruiter conducts training needs assessment for that company as well as the potential candidate.

The Society for Human Resource Management recommends assessing multiple training options, identifying what solution they offer, evaluating their cost, and then determining what the return on the investment would be if that employee succeeded in the training program.

4. Develop an On-Boarding Process

Finding the right team member is not enough.

Today’s sales industry is competitive; therefore, other companies are vying for the attention of talented team members. A company must employ an onboarding process to keep their newly acquired staffers engaged and productive.

A recruiter can help a company prepare their onboarding process. According to Forbes, the first 90 days of an employee’s time at a new company are the most critical.  This is the time to train, introduce the sales team member to their colleagues, and help them understand the values and purpose of a company.

5. Offer Tools to Make Them More Effective

Tools that help a staffer do their job more efficiently may help a company stand out in the sea of competition. This also ensures Tampa headhunters acquire top talent for businesses seeking new sales team members.

CIO’s Jennifer Lonoff Schiff recommends a few tools for boosting the efficiency and appeal of a potential sales position. These tools include:

  • Utilizing a sales-friendly CRM.
  • Giving sales team members access to pre-qualified leads.
  • Using collaboration tools for more efficient in-house communication.
  • Arming staffers with mobile communication tools.
  • Offering regular training opportunities.
  • Using systems that reduce administrative task time so that sales members focus more on selling.
  • Using software that tracks performance so that staffers know where they should improve.

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