How to Successfully Recruit Generation Z Talent

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The term Generation Z is not a new concept. Recruitment gurus and sociologists have been talking about Generation Z, as well as their role and behavior in profession, corporate life.

Who Are Generation Z?

The term Generation Z refers to the specific cohort of individuals born in the period after the Millennial Generation. The exact definition and characteristics of Generation Z do differ, however, it is generally considered that they are people born in the late 1990s to the present day. Generation Z are understood as different from their previous generations as they have grown up in the digital age. They will most likely not remember a time when computers, mobile phones and extensive internet usage was not a core part of everyday life.

Why Differentiate Generation Z Recruitment with Other Groups?

The sudden peak in internet and computer usage within this generation has led them to have developed very different skills and professional desires. It is now easier to find and change career, with recruitment moving from one-to-one to digital. This means that many Gen Z have started their career by searching online.

The focus on digital communication does also lead many to believe that the social skills of Gen Z to be weaker on the whole than their counterparts. However, they are often well informed and frequently interact with popular culture. Being consistently hyper-connected online, they seek a career that enables them to be grow and continuously develop and improve themselves.

Many studies show that job security is a concern for this cohort coming into the job market, having been born into and grown up within an economic downturn. No longer is a good education the key to job security and professional success, so top talent understand the importance

3 Key Approaches to Attract and Find Top Gen Z Talent

  1. Offer Opportunities for Growth

Online courses and the constant stream of information in the information age make progression and personal development obviously important to Gen Z. When applying for a position within a company, many will value the ability to grow within the company and increase their skills quickly.

  1. Transparency and Missions Are Key

The information age has made transparency a key marketing approach for companies of all sizes. This means that businesses are more frequently telling stories of their missons, beyond talent, to engage with their customers and employees online. Top Generation Z talent may be more motivated to join a company which has a clear, transparent mission or cause that goes beyond profit.

  1. Flexible Working May Be Key

Portfolio careers are becoming more and more common and accessible for this generation. Mobile communication and developments in and prevalence of co-working software enables flexible and remote working. Top talent in creative, digital, tech or entrepreneurial professionals may be more likely to consider working for you if flexible or remote working is an option.

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