Is your LinkedIn Profile appealing to potential employers?

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3 Tips to make sure your LinkedIn Profile is top shelf!

LinkedIn is far more advanced than posting the latest Dilbert Comic or an inspirational quote, your LinkedIn Profile is used as a way for employers to get an inside view of their next potential hire.

Below you’ll find 3 Tips to make your LinkedIn Profile worthy of that first-interview request from your dream employer!

  1. Update Your Content.

Make sure your information is accurate

LinkedIn is a great place to search for your next career move. Keep your content up to date on a regular basis! Start with your LinkedIn Profile photo, steer clear of selfies, put on something professional, and have a friend or family member take your photo with a solid color background. This is your first impression for recruiters and employers.

Make sure your information is accurate! Months and years must match with your resume. LinkedIn Profiles are viewed chronologically, meaning your current employer must be at the top, working backwards from there. If you receive a promotion, new certification, or job change, add it to your profile in a timely manner.


  1. Mad Skills.

Choose relevant skills to add to your profile

This is the time to put the spotlight on yourself. LinkedIn Profiles are often searched by recruiters and employers using specific words and skills. Choose relevant skills to add to your profile. For Example, if you’re pursuing a Social Media Manager role, you’ll use terms like: SEO, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Email Campaign, etc.

While you’re adding these skills, remember to think like a hiring manager. Will these key words pop-up in a search? Would you find this profile if you were sourcing for top talent?

  1. So much room for Activities.

Participate in the professional fun

Be active! Millions of LinkedIn users are producing awesome content to the world every minute. Participate in the professional fun. Recruiters and employers will check to see how active you are with your LinkedIn Profile. Are you sharing blogs? Liking articles? Or connecting with individuals in the field you’re pursuing? Get your profile out in the open and let the LinkedIn world click on your page. Stay active on LinkedIn! Your activity will certainly increase your chances of being spotted by talent specialists.


Update your content, add your skills, and be active. If you’re on the job hunt, these tips will be essential to your LinkedIn presence. For more helpful resources, be sure to check out our Recruiter Blog.

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Crawford Thomas RecruitingIs your LinkedIn Profile appealing to potential employers?