5 Ways Recruiters in Dallas Are Leveraging Social Media

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Unfilled positions are more than an inconvenience. These positions cost companies and the economy money. In 2014, unfilled positions cost the American economy 160 billion dollars!

In a competitive market like Dallas, the impact of this can be severe. Recruiters in Dallas are turning to social media to combat this problem. By using social media, recruiters can find qualified people faster than ever before.

How are they doing this? Let’s look at what these recruiters are doing to help businesses connect with employees!

Recruiters in Dallas Use Social Media to Draw Candidates to Them

Many people think that recruiters go out and look for candidates, but in reality, the best head hunters have people come to them.

They do this by pushing the companies they represent on social media. Users can search for job openings and investigate the culture of the employer.

Millenials are more concerned with culture than any other age group, so having a strong mission statement in public is essential to getting the best talent.

Showcasing community outreach and posting pictures of the office is a great way to attract attention. Talking about celebrations and employee accomplishments shows that a company appreciates its people. Recruiters use this to get the best talent available.

This generation is also more internet savvy than previous ones. This tendency leads to them seeking out companies they would like to work. In the Dallas area, this is especially true. Potential employees no longer turn in applications to anyone; they look for jobs that fit their personality.

Recruiters in Dallas don’t just post a job opening and conduct interviews. They have a pool of talented candidates before an opening exists.

They are Always Updating Sites

You can’t get qualified applicants if no one knows you’re hiring. Most job seekers with specialized skills skip over the newspaper and craigslist. Instead, they’re using Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter.

There is a reason job seekers use these sites. Employees are smart; they know where the recruiters are. 82% of recruiters use Linkedin when filling a position.

If most of your potential employees are there, you should be too! Recruiters in Dallas are making sure that people who visit your page know right away that you’re hiring. They also make it clear what the position is and the expectations for it.

This strategy helps weed people out, saving the companies they represent time and money.

They are Getting Current Employees Involved

One of the best ways to attract top talent is to showcase how happy your current employees are. People want to know who they are going to be working with, so why not show them?

One way recruiters in Dallas are doing this is through Instagram. There are over 700 million active users, many of whom are young professionals looking for the next cool place to work.

Using this app and posting pics of office activities and employees throughout the day will attract attention. It’s easy and a lot of fun!

They are also using video, having employees explain what it’s like to work for a company and what they do on a typical day. These videos make the office more accessible to new hires and allow them to get to know their future co-workers on a personal level.

They are Keeping Up With Social Trends

Never underestimate the power of a hashtag.

Twitter shows the top trending stories and hashtags on their websites at all times, and users will click on these to see what everyone is saying. Recruiters in Dallas are using this to bring eyes to your company.

This tactic keeps you in the public eye. You can increase your sales and get potential employees to your website. When there is an opening, they will post a tweet on the top of your page about it and garner interest immediately.

Twitter is also a cheap and effective way to advertise your opening through the promoted tweets program. You pay for the number of views or clicks on your tweet, guaranteeing that a certain amount of people see your targeted message.

With Twitter, a recruiter will see a detailed report of who saw it and be able to make adjustments to ensure it’s effective.

They Are Answering Questions Online

There are many effective ways to ensure no one wastes their time. One is to get as much information out to candidates before an interview ever takes place.

Recruiters in Dallas are hosting Q&A sessions on Periscope and other platforms. This strategy will help thin the herd, and the recruiter can hone in on a few candidates that they think would be perfect for a position.

The people that show up for the Q&A session are active participants in the process. They can determine whether a job is a good fit before sitting down for an official interview. This will stop both sides from feeling disappointed later.

The session will also let them find out more about the company, so they can judge if they would be successful there. Hiring someone that doesn’t work out is expensive; these sessions help to minimize that risk.

Remember that there might be openings in the future that someone is perfect for, even if they aren’t the right fit at this time. These Q&As will keep them informed and engaged in the process so they will apply again.

Don’t Settle In Your Search

When you need a crucial role filled, you can’t accept an average employee. A recruiter should be able to provide you with the best candidates.

At CrawfordThomas, we’ve been helping companies just like you find their next key employee since 2007.

It is our belief that we should put the same effort into your search that we would into our own. Our success is dependant upon yours.

If you are seeking out a candidate for a position, get in touch with us today so we can help!

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