How Online Technologies are Changing Recruiting

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Anyone who has applied for a job recently knows that virtually the entire process is online. From resume submissions to CVs, there are few aspects of recruiting that don’t take place through a computer nowadays and candidates who want to keep up with the recruiting industry must stay abreast of these changes. Here are some of the top online technologies that are changing the face of recruiting today.

Online Meeting Platforms

Web-based meeting platforms like Skype have made it much easier for would-be employees to meet with their potential employers from anywhere with very little notice or inconvenience for anyone involved. Skype also allows employees and recruiters who aren’t located in the same geographical area to have several pre-hiring interviews, talks, and conferences to ensure a mutually agreeable job placement.

Social Media Accounts

In many ways, social media is every recruiter’s dream. Active social media accounts allow recruiters to learn about the skills, history, and personality of a would-be employee. It also allows recruiters to screen out employees who don’t maintain a professional presence on their social media accounts. Platforms like LinkedIn, which was built specifically for the purpose of facilitating recruiting and professional connections, are a fantastic way for employers and job seekers to connect and for candidates to further their knowledge of and involvement in the industry.

Digital CVs

Video CVs are gaining popularity in the recruitment industry and candidates are now using this innovative form of communication to stand out from applicant pools and fully showcase their skills, personality, and aptitude to potential employers. Video CVs are currently most common in creative fields where candidates can use them to demonstrate humour and eloquence.

Web-Based Portfolios

With so many people searching for fulfilling jobs, standing out as an applicant is now more difficult than ever. Because of this, many would-be employees are opting to build extensive online portfolios that allow them to display their talents, experience, and achievements. Online portfolios also make it easier for would-be employers to access an employee’s information and get a more in-depth feel for the person’s personality. Most web-based portfolios are built on simple personal website builders like Squarespace or Wix and are a fantastic way for job seekers to get a leg-up on the competition.


While online technologies have been altering the face of recruiting for some time now, it’s clear that the trend will only continue in the coming years. According to most recruiting professionals, however, the change is a thoroughly positive one. In addition to making hiring, interviewing, and vetting easier and more thorough regardless of things like distance or time zones, online technologies have allowed would-be employees to showcase their skills more extensively.

They have also allowed recruiters to pick from a larger talent pool and ensure that employees are matched with positions they are truly qualified for. While online technologies will continue to evolve in the future, most professionals believe that this is one change that’s been thoroughly positive for the recruiting industry.

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Crawford Thomas RecruitingHow Online Technologies are Changing Recruiting