The Five Best Job-Seeking Tips from Headhunters

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Job hunting has always been difficult. Between finding positions that look appealing to meeting with potential employers, there are dozens of things that present a potential roadblock to would-be employees looking for a position they love. Fortunately, headhunters know a thing or two about recruitment. These five tips are the top advice headhunters offer job seekers around the country.

  1. Build your relevant social media profiles

LinkedIn is one of the most effective social media platforms for people searching for employment. With more than 414 million active users on the site, it’s easy to see why job seekers find the platform so fruitful. In order for LinkedIn to work well, however, it’s imperative for job seekers to build up their profiles as much as possible.

This means including a professional and crisp profile photo, including all relevant skills, getting endorsements, including a complete history of relevant work experiences, and building your connections network. Job seekers who do this have a much higher chance of finding employment on the platform than those who don’t.

  1. Clean up your resume

No matter what happens in the recruitment industry, a resume is still the piece of content that says the most about you. Because of this, it’s imperative to make sure it’s always looking its best. This means including all relevant work experience, awards, skills, and proficiencies and ensuring that the entire document is laid out in a clean, legible, professional way. Avoid flashy fonts, colored paper, and poor grammar.

If you have concerns about your resumes, have a professional friend read it over. Alternately, head to your local employment bureau since these establishments often staff resume professionals who can help you get yours in good working order.

  1. Do your homework

If you’re interested in working for a specific industry or company, you should know as much as possible about it first. This ensures that you’re well prepared for a potential interview and stops you from making easy to avoid mistakes down the road.

  1. Be honest about your past – all of it

Most job-seekers would be surprised to find how forgiving potential employers can truly be. Commonly, mistakes like previous firings and even some legal troubles can be forgiven as long as an employee is honest about their history. If an employee lies and is caught, on the other hand, it’s often grounds for an offer being revoked or a new position being terminated.

  1. Follow up with a “thank-you”

Regardless of how an interview went, headhunters say you should always follow up with a thank-you note immediately. This helps keep you fresh in the employer’s mind and ensures that you’ll come off as being courteous and considerate – two traits would-be employers love.


While job hunting will likely always be a stressful process, these five tips from professional headhunters can help make it just a bit easier on job seekers everywhere. From building relevant social media networks to ensuring your resume is in top shape, these common-sense tips can help you land a position you love.

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Crawford Thomas RecruitingThe Five Best Job-Seeking Tips from Headhunters