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Crawford Thomas Recruiting Testimonials

My company frequently uses Crawford Thomas for their recruiting needs and everyone they have brought to our company stands out. Recruiting requires perceptiveness, finesse and communication to successfully match individuals with prospective employers. The people at Crawford Thomas radiate these …

Crawford Thomas RecruitingCT stands out

Highly Recommended

Crawford Thomas Recruiting Testimonials

I have worked with a lot of recruiters over the years and I can honestly say that working with Crawford Thomas was by far my best experience. The level of professionalism and communication far exceeded my expectations and the amount …

Crawford Thomas RecruitingHighly Recommended

Tips for interviewing

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For your interview: Please dress business professional. (power suit/power tie) Bring two updated copies of your resume.Arrive early!!!!! Do your homework! Research the company and let your interviewer know how much you know about the company…this is not a fact …

Crawford Thomas RecruitingTips for interviewing

What should women wear to interview?

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This is a very hot topic and often a sensitive one at best. Please feel free to follow the link below to explore this fascinating and complex diatribe. http://www.quintcareers.com/dressing_at_the_interview.html

Crawford Thomas RecruitingWhat should women wear to interview?

What should men wear to interview?

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We would never think of leaving men out of the “what to wear” discussion but for most it’s an after thought the morning of the big day. Below is a helpful aricle that discusses the do’s and don’ts of interview …

Crawford Thomas RecruitingWhat should men wear to interview?

Interview strategy: the Story Teller

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If you read many books on job interviews, you’ll notice that some feed you lists of interview questions that you should learn answers to. But an interview is not an interrogation; it’s a conversation. Thus, I believe the best way …

Crawford Thomas RecruitingInterview strategy: the Story Teller

Why slang is ‘Way Bad’ in an interview

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Here’s the 411 on slang in interviews. Never use slang in an interview. You should speak to an interviewer just as you would to a business colleague or even a boss. That means you must sound polished and professional. Also, …

Crawford Thomas RecruitingWhy slang is ‘Way Bad’ in an interview

Did you just interupt me?

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Don’t Answer Before You’ve Been Asked You want to make a good impression on an interviewer. You want to seem knowledgeable, confident and engaged. So when the interviewer starts to ask you a question, you jump on it, right? Wrong. …

Crawford Thomas RecruitingDid you just interupt me?