Interview strategy: the Story Teller

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If you read many books on job interviews, you’ll notice that some feed you lists of interview questions that you should learn answers to. But an interview is not an interrogation; it’s a conversation. Thus, I believe the best way …

Crawford Thomas RecruitingInterview strategy: the Story Teller

Why slang is ‘Way Bad’ in an interview

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Here’s the 411 on slang in interviews. Never use slang in an interview. You should speak to an interviewer just as you would to a business colleague or even a boss. That means you must sound polished and professional. Also, …

Crawford Thomas RecruitingWhy slang is ‘Way Bad’ in an interview

Did you just interupt me?

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Don’t Answer Before You’ve Been Asked You want to make a good impression on an interviewer. You want to seem knowledgeable, confident and engaged. So when the interviewer starts to ask you a question, you jump on it, right? Wrong. …

Crawford Thomas RecruitingDid you just interupt me?

Don’t jargon your way out of a job

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You say: “Our value proposition is to create synergy while leveraging our respective ROIs.” The interviewer thinks: “Huh?” You don’t need to use jargon to sound knowledgeable in an interview. First, don’t assume the interviewer is familiar with the jargon. …

Crawford Thomas RecruitingDon’t jargon your way out of a job

Always Get Your Interviewers Business Card!!!

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This is critical, asking for you interviewers business card is a sign that you are planning on following up or that you are very serious about the opportunity. A professional interviewer should offer it to you but if not please …

Crawford Thomas RecruitingAlways Get Your Interviewers Business Card!!!