Recruiting in 2016: 5 Things to Expect

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2015 saw many trends in recruiting. From an increased focus on retention to marked generational shifts, 2015 was a big year for recruiting. As we move into 2016, however, we can count on the coming year bringing some unique trends of its own.

Here are the 5 trends that are likely to dominate the recruiting landscape in 2016.

1) Video will be a main player in the recruiting process

Right now, 64% of all web traffic is focused on video content, so it makes sense that 2016 will be the year that video content begins to play an important role in recruiting. Most recruiters find videos to be a helpful way to gauge passion, excitement, and personality and authentic, unscripted videos can go a long way toward helping job seekers land their dream placements.

2) Job descriptions will become more appealing

Partly due to the generational shift we saw in 2015 (baby boomers are retiring and millennials are flooding the workforce), job seekers are becoming more critical of job descriptions. This means poorly written descriptions or those that seem dry or uninspired will be overlooked. In light of this, 2016 is likely to see job descriptions focus more on inspiration, excitement, and a team mentality.

3) Innovators will be in demand

Companies like Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Twitter have set the bar for innovation and now it’s up to everyone else to keep up. In light of this, innovators will be prominent on recruiters’ radar throughout the coming year. In addition to pushing a company forward and assisting it in becoming a leader in the industry, innovators are often more productive and than the average worker, which allows the company to boost output and create better products.

4) More importance will be placed on passive candidates

Again, Baby Boomers are leaving the workforce and millennials are entering it, which means that many of the traditional concepts of careers and recruiting are going out the window. In light of this, recruiters will need to shift their focus to pay more attention to “passive candidates”, or candidates who aren’t actively seeking a job. These candidates are often highly qualified and incredibly skilled, but recruiters need to be proactive about finding them.

5) Better data analytics

While social media is currently a big player in recruiting, we can expect to see more advanced data analytics emerging in 2016. As it stands now, it’s not efficient to comb through social media profiles by hand. This is where cloud-based hiring tools and other biometric data platforms will come into play. By allowing recruiters to find top candidates quickly and affordably, these platforms are likely to change the face of recruiting forever.


As 2016 draws nearer, it’s likely that the recruiting landscape will begin to change. In addition to innovations in tech and changes in hiring practice, the attitudes of job seekers are likely to change. Fortunately, recruiters and job seekers who stay abreast of these trends will excel in the recruiting arena throughout 2016 and beyond. To learn more about current trends in recruiting, contact Crawford Thomas today.

Crawford Thomas RecruitingRecruiting in 2016: 5 Things to Expect