The Top Recruiting Trends in the Industry

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The greatest strength of any business is its people. Finding talented employees that can add to your company can be difficult.

It is not enough to sit back and wait for people to come to you looking for a job now. You have to actively go out and pursue top talent or they will end up working for you competitor.

New recruiting trends are fundamentally transforming business. Quantity at the expense of quality no longer works in today’s competitive markets.

New trends focus on making sure that the quality leads rise to the top. Let’s take a look at some of these trends and how they can help you build an amazing team.

The Rise of Data-Driven Decision Making

The old days of going off of past experience and gut instinct are coming to an end.

Now recruiting companies are beginning to automate tasks and use the vast amount of data that they have accumulated in order to predict market needs.

What does this mean for you?

It means that agencies with automated tasks can now put more of their energy and focus on using the data at hand to find you a smaller number of qualified candidates that are perfect for your company.

Time is invaluable, especially when looking to add people to your team. Instead of wading through 20 potential hires that might be qualified, you can focus on five people that are perfect for you.

Instead of worrying about whether someone on your list is qualified, you will know that they meet the educational and experience standards that you have set forth.

You can focus on how the candidates will add or detract from your company’s culture instead. You can evaluate candidates thoroughly on their ideas and compatibility because the data has already predicted that they can do the job.

Selling Your Company to Recruits

We’ve all had the experience before of knowing that someone would be perfect for your company and then finding out that they are employed somewhere else and not willing to take the leap to your team.

One of the newest recruiting trends is finding a headhunting agency that not only looks for those not working but also finds qualified people that are currently working somewhere else.

In order to be successful, these headhunters must be able to sell your company and persuade someone to leave their job for your business.

This can lead to two positive outcomes. For one, you get someone that has already done work in the same or a similar field.

Second, you can find out what made your new employee take your offer to leave their previous job, and use that data to make sure that your valuable team members don’t walk away from you.

The rise of data doesn’t just mean that you get better people. It also means that you will have the tools and information available to ensure that another company doesn’t come in to take your talent.

This idea leads us to another of the biggest recruiting trends:

Recruiters Becoming Advisers for Your Company

The best recruiters, the ones that can sell your business to potential employees, have to have a good idea of what makes your company unique. They also have to be able to evaluate what would make someone interested in joining you.

If they have to know these things to be effective, they also need to be able to convince someone to leave their current job.

Recruiting, even though it is moving towards data-driven decisions, is still a business of understanding people. The top recruiters can help you to understand how people perceive your company.

You don’t want to be in a situation where one person leaves for every person that comes in. That’s not adding to your team, that’s maintaining status quo. In business, status quo generally leads to disaster.

Use your recruiters as advisers. Ask them what your company can do to ensure that you don’t lose people to others. Find out what makes someone join your company at the expense of another.

In other words, make sure that you aren’t the one taken aback when your star employee gets sold on another opportunity by a recruiter. Headhunters are especially well equipped to help your retention efforts.

Recruiting Trends Towards Diversity

Diversity is important for a number of reasons. First, it just makes sense that different people with different perspectives can add a variety of ideas to your company, creating innovation instead of replication.

Second, customers tend to want to be represented by who they do business with. People are naturally drawn towards someone that they feel understands their unique perspective.

Top recruiters will be able to use the data the have acquired to focus on what attracts different people to a workplace. For each diverse category, there are different desires for what they want from an employer.

It is vital to point out that increasing diversity isn’t enough, however. Diversity without inclusion means nothing. Your recruiter can also help to advise you on how to make sure that all of your employees feel valuable to the team.

Branding Isn’t Just for Customers Anymore

Headhunters can use your brand in order to help them sell you company to top-notch candidates. If your brand identifies who you are to your customers, the same idea should be used for your employees.

Make sure that your recruiter fully understands what the brand means to employees, and how it shapes your companies culture. Then use that to drive to determine what type of people you’d like to bring in.

Once you get these employees on your team, find out what drives them, or gives them purpose and give them the freedom to pursue these things.

By doing so, you not only increase your retention rate, but you turn your employees into recruiters as well.

Use Recruiting Trends to Increase Flexibility

By using a top headhunter that understands these new recruiting trends and how to implement them, your company will become stronger.

One of the hardest parts of running a business is ensuring that you have a team that is flexible and can adapt to changing conditions in the market.

In order to do this, you need employees that are not only qualified but that have the ability to evolve to changing circumstances.

Feel free to check out our blog for more articles on recruiting trends and how you can find the perfect fit for your staffing needs. Also, you can contact us here with any questions you might have. We are always eager to help.

Crawford Thomas RecruitingThe Top Recruiting Trends in the Industry