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Looking for a job is definitely stressful. You put in application after application, yet you find that getting a callback is almost impossible. You’re starting to think that you need some extra help as a result.

Luckily for you, there are several headhunters in Atlanta who would be more than willing to help you. But first, you’ve got to somehow capture their attention and maintain some sort of relationship with them.

How can you get their attention and use them to help you land your next job?

Listen closely, job seekers. Headhunters 101 is now in session.

Attracting Recruiters’ Attention

Before you can start working with headhunters, you have to find some way to attract their attention. There are several ways in which you can go about doing so. The first of these is by posting your resume on their sites.

You should then send them an email which summarizes your expertise and your career objectives. These objectives should be clear and to the point.

Below are some tips you can use to enhance your resume before you get the whole process started:

Beefing Up Your Resume

You should always rework your resume before you send it to any employer or recruiter. You should be tailoring that resume to the local recruiters and employers.

Headhunters in Atlanta like to see certain criteria on resumes. These include personal statements, work history, and keywords.

If you’re not sure that your resume is competitive, have someone look over it before you send it in. It’s fine to have friends and family members look at it.

But it would be better to have a pro resume grader helping you out if you have the cash.

…And Your LinkedIn Profile

Some people aren’t fans of LinkedIn. Even so, the platform is a great tool if used properly. Consequently, you should beef up your LinkedIn profile after you comb over that resume a couple of times.

But where exactly should you put your focus when going over your LinkedIn profile?

For starters, it does need to have the same pizazz that your resume has and it needs to state your career goals. More importantly, the profile should appeal to other users. These other users can give you recommendations and help you get in touch with headhunters in Atlanta.

There is no guarantee of receiving any endorsement. But why wouldn’t you occasionally update your profile if there was a chance that something good could come out of it? You have nothing to lose.

Making Calls to Headhunters

Technically speaking, we could have talked about reaching out to recruiters by making calls in the previous section. We didn’t, though, want to suggest that making such calls to headhunters is typical.

The fact of the matter is that recruiters are busy. They can’t afford to answer every call they get from job seekers. This is why reaching out to them this way isn’t necessarily a way to make a good impression.

That said, this strategy could be a good one. If only a few people make calls to recruiters, you’ll stand out as the candidate who made a call.

“Spinning” Unemployment

You might be concerned about your chances of getting a headhunter’s attention if you’ve been unemployed for a while. How can you make yourself look like a competitive candidate if you haven’t been employed for so long?

To be blunt, your absence from the workforce will be noted. Recruiters in Atlanta will look at applicants who haven’t been employed for months (or years) and think that something is amiss.

You still stand a chance if you can manage to explain the gap. Don’t frame the gap as some unexpected consequence of the job market. That isn’t a unique excuse since there are several people have been let down by the market.

Instead, indicate that you’ve used the time off to develop skills and that you’re still in touch with your industry. You can do this on your resume and in person.

Building Relationships With Headhunters

Building somewhat of a relationship with headhunters is necessary.

But there are some limits to how cozy you want to try to get with recruiters.

Generally speaking, you won’t be the only client that your headhunter has. He or she will have other candidates to attend to. You’ll never get to build the type of relationship with a recruiter that makes you a priority.

At least, you won’t do that by trying to be pushy and making calls.

Understand the nature of their business. Their primary clients are hiring organizations, not you. This means that the needs of the clients are going to be more important than your own.

In order to create the strongest relationship you can with your recruiter, the only thing you need to is 1) be competent and 2) be cooperative. If your headhunter asks you for some important info, please supply it and be honest about things.


You can bet your bottom that references are important. You could be the most qualified candidate of any bunch.

And there is a chance that it wouldn’t matter if you didn’t have references.

Like it or not, references get people ahead. Headhunters will make calls to references, so you better have some ready to provide. The old standard used to be three references, but you should have more than three that you can rely on.

You might even want to have at least six references. Some recruiters check at least that many these days.

Working With Headhunters In Atlanta

Working with headhunters in Atlanta can help you find your next job.

You need to have a game plan before you approach them. You have to put the time into updating your resume and LinkedIn profile and reaching out to those headhunters.

After all, if you don’t make yourself known, they won’t ever find out that you exist.

So why not take your first step to getting noticed today? Start searching for opportunities and applying by using our database.

Crawford Thomas RecruitingUsing Headhunters in Atlanta to Find Your Next Job