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Staffing Agency Basics

Many of today’s employers prefer to hire part-time employees because maintaining fulltime staff can be costly. However, looking for workers for a particular industry can be hard. This is where a staffing agency can be useful. Staffing agencies help companies in filling certain positions. These companies no longer have to spend on advertising and other relevant costs just to hire part-time or even fulltime as needed.

Knowing how a staffing agency works will help you decide if you need their services. The agencies follow the same steps to recruit the best person for the job or position as requested by an employer or manager. Most of the time, staffing agencies maintains employee records. However, if no employee is available, the staffing agency will post the vacant position on their site or on other websites where jobseekers usually converge.

The second step is application. Clients have specifications that should be met by potential applicants. The agency will see to it that such requirements and specifications are met. An interview will follow, as well as drug tests and background checks.

You must know that the employees are hired by the staffing agency, and not the employer. The latter determines the length of employment, but it is the agency’s task to provide these employees with benefits and salaries.

As mentioned earlier, most employers seek the help of staffing agencies when in need of temporary staff. However, permanent positions are also available. In the case of temporary employment, the employee is informed of the starting and end date. There are also times when temporary positions are requested by employers to test or gauge the skills of a new hire. If the performance is approved by the employer, the newly hired can be promoted to a permanent position. For permanent positions, the recruitment and screening is conducted by the staffing agency, but the employer will decide who gets hired.

Why should you use a staffing agency? There are many reasons why an employer or company should seek help from the agency. This includes the following – improved productivity, increase flexibility, decrease costs, and test employees prior to giving a permanent position.

When there is work overload, getting temporary staff is the best solution. You can maintain your full-time staff, and have the temporary staff handle the overload. The main advantage of using an agency is that it can provide you with immediate employees regardless of the industry or discipline. You can save money and time because you don’t have to permanently commit to employees.

Companies these days are facing huge overhead costs. In order to cut down the costs, getting employees from a staffing agency is the best solution. You no longer have to worry about providing benefits because the agency will also handle this aspect, as well as the salaries. Improving the productivity in the workplace is possible when your staff is not overloaded with work. You can effectively distribute the tasks and expect the best output. Why don’t you consider the use of staffing agency services? Now that you know the agency’s functions and services, you can make an informed decision.

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