Tips for Spotting and Handling Fake Job Opportunity Scams

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There has been a recent rise in reports of scammers impersonating reputable companies to recruit for fake jobs. These scammers often initiate contact under the guise of a legitimate recruiter, claiming to have identified a perfect match for your skill set. These fraudulent messages may come via fake social media accounts, WhatsApp or chat apps, or via text messages. They reach out offering job details and in exchange ask for personal and financial information or to send payments.

It’s essential to recognize the red flags, beware of requests for upfront fees or payment for equipment, and exercise caution when sharing personal data. The recruiting company they purport to work for may indeed be real, but the person you are talking to may not work at that company. At Crawford Thomas Recruiting, we prioritize the safety and security of all jobseekers. We do not send unsolicited text messages, request sensitive personal or financial information over text or social media, or ask you for upfront fees or payments.

Stay informed and use these tips to remain vigilant against scammers:

  • Be cautious of unsolicited text messages: If you receive a text message offering a job opportunity from an unknown sender, proceed with caution.
  • Verify legitimacy: If unsure about the authenticity of a message, contact the recruiting company directly using verified contact information to confirm its legitimacy.
  • Watch out for red flags: Look for signs of a scam, such as spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, or requests for immediate action without prior communication.
  • Do not respond or click on links: If you suspect a text message is a scam, refrain from responding or clicking on any links provided in the message.
  • Report the message: Report the suspicious text message to your mobile carrier and consider blocking the sender to prevent further contact.

For more information, review this article from The Federal Trade Commission.

Crawford Thomas RecruitingTips for Spotting and Handling Fake Job Opportunity Scams