3 Ways to Improve Candidate Care

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Here are 3 ways to improve candidate care in an interview process.

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According to the Undercover Recruiter, “Exceptional candidate care will leave a lasting impression, enhance your brand’s reputation and ensure ongoing loyalty and respect. Additionally, you’ll reap the rewards of future candidate referrals, introductions with previously unwilling clients, and new business opportunities.”

Here are three ways you can freshen up the care of your passive and active job seekers.

Manage expectations

One of the biggest pet peeves candidates have with recruiters and hiring managers is the lack of communication during the hiring process. One of the biggest bugbears of recruiters is that they don’t have enough time to stay on top of their candidate care.

The key here is to simply manage your candidates’ expectations. Ensure that every automated/template email to a job application or interview confirmation clearly lays out what they should expect from you and why. At the end of every phone conversation or interview, explain under what circumstances they should expect to hear from you next time.

Don’t be afraid to have tough conversations. If a candidate is not right for the role for which they’ve applied, tell them so and provide feedback. Whatever you do, don’t tell them you’ll consider them and never call.


In this candidate-led market, active job seekers who apply for multiple roles may find themselves progressing with a number of interviews. When a great CV reaches your desk, it’s imperative you work quickly to introduce them to potential employers. I recommend checking any overnight ad response on your commute into the office and ensure that promising candidates are contacted straight away. Your agility and responsiveness will go a long way toward helping candidates feel nurtured.

It’s also worth explaining the current state of the market to clients so that they might improve their interview times if possible. (It will also ensure that their expectations are met when great candidates are snapped up quickly.)


When you place a role, make sure you inform any unsuccessful candidates straight away – although rejections are never fun, bad news is better than no news. Take the time to find out why the client didn’t want to proceed and then pass this on in the most constructive way you can.

The more candidates know about the interview process, the industries they’re applying for and where their skill gaps are, the higher their chance of ongoing career success. By delivering feedback, you will stand out for taking the time, and for being honest. I guarantee that they will always remember, recommend and thank you for it.

Original article here

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Crawford Thomas Recruiting3 Ways to Improve Candidate Care