The list of “Don’ts” at your next job interview

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The Don’ts of a Job Interview.

It’s important to remember that employers are evaluating more than your words during the interview process. Your actions and non-verbal expressions tell a lot about your character, and if you aren’t careful, they can send the wrong message to your interviewers.

Here is a list of the “don’ts”, in your next interview.

Don’t Arrive Too Early or Too Late

This sounds a lot like Goldie Locks and the three bears. This porridge is too hot, this one is too cold, well in this case you want to get to the interview at just the right time. Prepare your travel carefully and leave a cushion for unexpected delays. Arriving late can be a deal breaker and create the impression that you might be an irresponsible employee. Plan to arrive no more than 10 minutes earlier than your interview appointment time.

Don’t forget to Smile

All things being equal, most employers want pleasant co-workers. It’s fine to show the interviewer your personality.

Don’t Ignore the Receptionist

Even the lowliest receptionist or administrative worker may be asked his opinion about the impression you have made. Engage everyone you meet, and make them feel very important.

Don’t Bring Your Phone Into The Interview

Do not leave your cell phone on during the interview, or glance at it at all. Most of us are semi-addicted to those messages and alerts coming into our phone, so knock out the temptation by silencing your cell. Our advice, leave your cell phone in the car.

Don’t Speak in Monotone

You’re allowed to be nervous! Sometimes, the interviewers are nervous too. One way to avoid showing your nerves is to emphasize some of your answers. In our research, employers prefer an energetic candidate that is excited to be a part of the interview process. Let your personality shine through in the way you speak.

While some of the more obvious ones like, don’t dress too casually and don’t speak out of turn wont make it to this list, we want to point out a few that have been detrimental to a candidate within the interview process. These are easy things to adjust and will definitely not hurt your chances at landing your next position!

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Crawford Thomas RecruitingThe list of “Don’ts” at your next job interview