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Our Account Manager’s here at Crawford Thomas Recruiting have compiled the 4 most common questions they receive on a daily basis. It is important for employers to know this information before hiring a sales recruiting firm.

How does your firm find talent?

Most recruiters are network based meaning they have a network of sales professionals that they have developed a relationship with. Usually, their network will be geographically or industry based. Should they have the right candidate in their network, they can deliver them to you quickly. Crawford Thomas Recruiting has an internal software that tracks applicants and proactive leads, so that top-shelf talent is filtered from us to our clients.

Crawford Thomas operates from a pure headhunting or what we call a client based model. Because we deliver the exact backgrounds our clients require, our success is much higher. It should be noted that headhunted candidates are not actively looking and behave differently from candidates that are actively looking.

Do you screen the candidates?

Yes! Crawford Thomas Recruiting will assign your role to a recruiter with a similar knowledge or background of the position. Sales recruiting may seem straight forward, but there are many different things to sell. Technology Sales is much different than Roofing Sales and so on. By assigning roles to different recruiters, we’re able to track individual success, accountability on sourcing, and the quality of candidates delivered.

From start to finish, our clients are able to speak with the same account manager and recruiter so that there is nothing lost in a shuffle.

Will you provide sourcing updates?

Of course, we will provide sourcing updates as often as daily if needed. We understand our clients are hiring us because they may have difficulty filling a role. It is our responsibility to figure out why they may have had a tough time, and resolve that problem with a group of qualified candidates. Crawford Thomas’ account managers keep all lines of communication open to ensure transparency and honesty through the process. We have clients that will request to speak with their AM on a regular basis, and we have others that only need to hear from them if there is something urgent. Either way, there’s no right or wrong.

What happens if the first wave of candidates is not what we’re looking for?

It is standard protocol in the contingent recruiting world to give each new search one solid pass. Recruiters will source, screen, and submit qualified candidates. At times, the client will interview and realize that the candidates need an extra certification or some sort of specific key word that may be missing from the first wave. It is totally normal to interview between 4-6 candidates before making an offer. Crawford Thomas Recruiting is a contingency recruiting firm, meaning, we will continue sending qualified candidates and the client does not pay until a successful hire is made.

We have a replacement policy that is adapted to each client.

If you’re in the market for sales candidates, which, you should ALWAYS be recruiting sales reps. Then give us a call! www.crawfordthomas.com

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