3 Ways to Hype Up your Workweek

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However exciting a job may be, going to the office and doing the same things every day can quickly become routine. And no matter how much you like your job, there are times when you’ll feel stifled by it. Every now and then, you might find yourself wishing for more time and freedom away from the predictability of your workweek. It’s totally normal!

While you can request time off and enjoy some personal days, these aren’t the answer. Besides, they only last so long. Days off seem to go by faster than regular work days, and before you know it, you’re right back into the daily grind.

It’s not that you want to quit your job and go on your own, but you’d just like some novelty in each day outside of the office. In other words, you want to avoid falling in a routine. I hear that!

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Start your day with a workout class

Nothing prepares you for a long day like an early morning cardio, yoga, boxing or (insert any other kind of exercise here) class. Why? It clears your mind and energizes your body. You really can’t go wrong with exercising before work! It will make you feel like you can take on anything. If you need help following through on this, find a friend so you can motivate each other:

Schedule lunch dates with new people

Grabbing lunch with a new person (whenever schedule permits) is not only a fun way to grow your network, but it can also spark some conversations that keep you stimulated through the rest of your work day. Start with your coworkers, the people you interact with the most.

If you work from home, be proactive. It may require a lot of effort to leave your house and meet someone for lunch or coffee, but the benefits will often outweigh the costs. You know, things like a supportive professional network, a solid group of friends and career advice readily available.

Attend an event or take a class after work

I love having something to look forward to after work. It seems to make the day go by faster, but also helps with avoiding burnout. I make it a point to go to a networking event, marketing or writing workshop at least twice a week. With the different things I choose to do, I rarely feel like I’m stuck in a routine. It adds a variety to my week that not only keeps me engaged at work, but also inspired in life.

Next time you feel bored by your everyday grind, add these fun things to your week. It will make all the difference!

Original post by Forbes.

Crawford Thomas Recruiting3 Ways to Hype Up your Workweek