3 Skills that AI can’t Replace

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The recruiting industry is packed full of Artificial Intelligence. It seems that all eyes are on the recruiters to see when we’re going to erode away into the sea. With AI making a big push to force us out of a job, there are a handful of skills that AI simply can’t replace.

According to a survey conducted by LinkedIn, “only 14% of talent acquisition professionals are concerned that AI will take away their jobs.” That’s because the core of the recruiting profession—the parts of the job that require personal and emotional engagement—can’t be replaced by AI.

If you ask a recruiter, they’ll probably tell you they enjoy having more AI functionality at their fingertips. AI is helpful, as it automates more structural tasks (like data collection) and frees up recruiters to focus on building their skill sets that require a human touch.

These are the top 3 recruiting skills AI is least likely to replace.

  1. Building relationships with candidates
  2. Seeing candidate potential beyond the resume
  3. Gauging candidate interpersonal skills

Building Relationships.

According to LinkedIn’s latest blog post, Unsurprisingly, the most AI-proof skill is the one that relies most on the human touch—building strong relationships with candidates. It’s these relationships that leave a lasting impression on candidates—one that can make all the difference when they’re choosing between multiple offers or deciding whether to leave their current role. If your candidate needs a little extra push to accept the offer or reject a counter offer, AI is not going to be able to help.

Life beyond the resume.

Being able to see a candidate’s potential beyond a resume is extremely important and something that AI simply cannot do. When a candidate is switching careers or does not have a stacked resume, but possess the people skills, that is something that can get passed by a computer sourcing resumes. Potentially eliminating them from the process before they have a chance to speak with someone to sell their skills and background.

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills impact how well an employee can communicate with their managers, work with other teams, and respond to customers’ needs. The best way to assess interpersonal skills is the simplest, and something recruiters are very good at: chatting with  candidates. I spoke about soft skills in a previous blog. They’re important and not something everyone has.

If you’re a hiring manager looking to begin interviewing candidates, don’t make the mistake of relying only on AI to present qualified candidates. Using a recruiting firm like Crawford Thomas is going to guarantee the human interaction, we have developed a relationship with these candidates and we are able to relate to them on a level that a computer cannot.

Thank you LinkedIn writer Samantha McLaren for the excellent blog post.

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Crawford Thomas Recruiting3 Skills that AI can’t Replace