5 Qualities All Great Candidates Share

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These are 5 qualities that all great candidates share according to ZipRecruiter.

This article by ZipRecruiter is timeless, as it was in-fact written over 2 years ago. Candidates that posses these traits are simply more likely to be taken seriously and brought on board by an employer.

“Curious: People with the right attitude ask plenty of questions. They thirst for knowledge, wanting to learn more about the company, the culture, the industry, a product or just about anything else.

Ready: A candidate’s drive to succeed is important. Try to hire people who are always willing to work hard but also work smarter to get the job done. This sort of dedication comes through as true passion for the job. Look for people who love what they do, and are fully dedicated to helping the organization succeed.

Teammate: Attitude, skills and experience are all important attributes to bring to the job, but at the end of the day culture and team fit is just as important.  When interviewing employee candidates ask yourself: Would I want to sit next to this person on a plane and have a conversation? Relatability of a potential employee with his or her manager, team and peers can have a positive effect on engagement and productivity.

Integrity: Can take personal responsibility, is transparent and trustworthy; measured in how they handled themselves in gray situations such as speaking up when suspected something is wrong; this is important because we have a culture of doing the right thing no matter what.

Agility: Can demonstrate flexibility in previous work or academic experience through their stories; how they recovered from their mistakes and how they adjusted when a project didn’t go their way.”

While there are many more attributes that make a candidate successful, these 5 stand out the most. Having an employee who’s curious and ready, someone who’s a team member that can take responsibility and is able to work multiple tasks throughout the day is typically going to be your next hire.

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Crawford Thomas Recruiting5 Qualities All Great Candidates Share