5 Steps to Better Recruiting

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When it comes to finding new talent, developing an efficient, respectful, streamlined recruiting process is critical.

Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done.

While few companies underestimate the importance of recruiting, few understand how to overhaul their recruiting programs to make them as functional as possibly.

Luckily, it’s not as difficult as it seems.

Read on to learn more.

Better Recruiting Made Simple: 5 Steps for a More Efficient Process

One of the largest problems with modern recruiting is inefficiency. If an organization isn’t efficient, it’s impossible for it to locate and secure quality talent in a reliable manner. With this in mind, here are five tips to improve the efficiency and functionality of a recruiting program.

1. Understand what the company wants in terms of personality and temperament

Succeeding in a given workplace often requires a certain personality. For example, excelling in a fast-paced startup environment may mean that a new hire needs to possess patience, flexibility, and resilience.

Although many managers overlook personality traits in favor of previous experience, it’s important to remember that job skills can be taught, but personality traits are fixed. With this in mind, companies struggling to create a more efficient hiring process will do well to sit down and consider which personality traits allow people to excel in a given position, and how the company can better define and detect them.

2. Project turnover as frequently as possible

It’s easy for a company to make hiring mistakes when it’s suddenly faced with an unexpected opening it needs to fill on the spot.

Luckily, an ounce of prevention is a pound of cure in these cases. If a company can find effective ways to project turnover, it immediately becomes easier to fill spots before they’re vacant, which allows for more intentional recruitment and hiring.

3. Figure out what makes a company or position special for a candidate

Even the most effective recruiting program in the world won’t do much good if the company and openings behind it aren’t exciting for candidates. With this in mind, companies need to go the extra mile to figure out what makes an opportunity or an enterprise exciting for candidates, and then play these things up.

By pinpointing these differentiating factors and making them a primary focus of the recruiting process, it’s easy to attract better candidates and fill the workplace with skilled individuals.

4. Poll new hires

While this method hasn’t been exceedingly popular historically, it’s a smart approach to improving and streamlining the recruiting process. When a company makes a new hire, an effort should be made to poll that hire anonymously after the hire was made.

These results should go directly to the HR department, and the information gleaned from the polling should be used to fix weak points in the recruitment process and make hiring more streamlined for future candidates.

5. Nurture relationships with would-be employees

A large portion of an effective recruiting program is communication. Sometimes, a headhunter locates a candidate that’s simply not prepared to leave another position, but who would be perfect for a current or future opening.

To ensure these quality candidates aren’t wasted, it’s essential for companies to go the extra mile to keep in touch and nurture relationships with these individuals. Whether it be through social media, follow-up phone calls, or personal email, finding a way to stay in touch with the best candidates is the secret to an effective recruiting program for most companies.

Better Recruiting Made Simple

While most companies want to improve their recruiting tactics, few know how. Fortunately, these five tips will help to overhaul and improve any recruiting program and ensure the identification and recruitment of more skilled candidates.

Crawford Thomas Recruiting5 Steps to Better Recruiting