4 Guaranteed Ways to Turn Off an Ideal Candidate

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4 Guaranteed Ways to Turn Off an Ideal Candidate

During a job interview, there comes a time when a company will be presented with a candidate that is a perfect fit for the position.

In this case, the roles are reversed. Now the company is marketing themselves to the candidate, ensuring they attract them to their opening versus the competitions.

Just because a candidate applies for a job does not mean that the company is guaranteed to get them. Instead, they need to equally prove they are the best employer out there to meet their needs.

When headhunting, individual interview errors turn perfect candidates away. These mistakes are what Austin headhunters work hard to avoid so that they can ensure their clients receive the best candidate for the job.

4 Guaranteed Ways to Turn Off the Perfect Candidate

1. Not Reviewing Their Resume or Cover Letter Beforehand

When greeting the candidate, pausing to read their name on the cover letter only tells them that their resume and cover letter were not reviewed beforehand. Glass Door’s Donna Fuscaldo considers this one of the biggest mistakes to make during recruitment.

Dallas recruiters will thoroughly review a candidate’s resume and cover letter; only calling in those that meet job requirements and show promise. This ensures that the headhunter’s time is not wasted, but also the candidate’s time is not wasted.

To ensure top talent want the job, an interviewer should never make them feel like a random candidate called in.

2. Leading the Candidate to Assume They Did Not Get the Job

A candidate should not have intimidating questions or experience a high-pressure interview. While Austin headhunters are there to find the ideal candidate, there are ways to conduct and interview and assess an applicant’s capabilities without them leaving in fear.

Most importantly, when a candidate is interesting and a company wants them, they should make that clear to the candidate. When a candidate leaves the interview feeling like they did not get the job, they will start to look elsewhere.

3. Headhunting Haphazardly

Interviews should be structured.

The same questions should be asked of all potential candidates to weigh them against one another properly.

This is why Dallas recruiters create a systematic approach to pinpointing candidates and bringing them in for interviews. There are no ad-lib questions during the interview process, and the headhunter already has a clear idea of the ideal candidate. This includes job duties, personality attributes of the perfect employee, and ideal answers to interview questions.

4. Not Answering Vital Questions to the Position

Alison Green at US News highly recommends being clear on what is expected of the position. When an interviewer does not put weight on underlying qualities or let candidates know what they are looking for, it is hard for them to pinpoint how the job would work for them.

Also, vital questions must be answered during the interview. This includes salary, benefits, and working hours. While the candidate will not ask about these outright, the interviewer’s job is to answer these questions at some point during the interview.

Avoid Costly Errors and Get the Ideal Candidate, Hire Dallas Recruiters to Conduct the Search

Headhunting is a time-consuming process.

Therefore companies turn to Dallas recruiters to help them not only bring in top talent for interviews but ensure they retain them.

For businesses searching for their next employee, Crawford Thomas is there to help. Crawford Thomas not only offers superior recruiting experience, but staff know how to secure the best talent for any industry and optimize staffing so that companies are more appealing to highly desirable workers.

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