How to Follow Up on Job Applications

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Original article There’s nothing like reading a job listing and feeling that this could be the perfect job for you. You apply to the position—and then it’s crickets. Unfortunately, this can (and does) happen a whole lot when you’re job …

Crawford Thomas RecruitingHow to Follow Up on Job Applications

How to Attract a Top Performer

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Research around high performers in business, and what attracts then retains high performers in a business has greatly identified a shift in what was, to what is now an environment that can support high performers. Globally some of our best …

Crawford Thomas RecruitingHow to Attract a Top Performer

Indeed’s Three Steps to Finding the Best Candidate

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Article by Indeed Here are some tips on how to find the right match — and avoid making hires you might later regret. Create clear job criteria to assess candidate quality You may come across a resume that looks perfect …

Crawford Thomas RecruitingIndeed’s Three Steps to Finding the Best Candidate

7 Tips to Promote Employee Engagement

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According to the undercover recruiter, “Employee engagement is a concept often ignored by organizations. After hiring a candidate, companies do not plan any strategies or policies which can keep the employee enthusiastic about work. This is an essential aspect of …

Crawford Thomas Recruiting7 Tips to Promote Employee Engagement

National Compliment Day

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January 24th is National Compliment Day Our friends at created a friendly list of compliments you and your co-workers should use on a regular basis! 28 ways to compliment co-workers So, what can you say consistently that will cause your …

Crawford Thomas RecruitingNational Compliment Day