Here’s Why They Won’t Return your Cold Call

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If you’re in the industry of cold calling, listen up. Here are 6 reasons why the person on the other line isn’t calling you back. Cold calling isn’t only in sales, it’s recruiting as well. I have been in sales, I am in recruiting, and aside from losing a deal, there is nothing worse than receiving a “bad” cold call.

This blog will not focus on whether or not cold calling works. This is simply the reason you’re not getting people to return your calls.

What did you say?

Speak clearly. Take it slow. If you are talking too fast or under your breath, it’s unlikely that I would return your call. Mostly because I am not entirely sure what you said.

What company?

Some think that if they remain chummy and friendly, without divulging the name of your company, you’ll get the person to call back. Wrong. Let the voicemail paint a small picture of who you are, what company you represent, and why you’re calling.

Too short, too long.

This may sound like I’m being picky, but there is a guideline. State your name, company, and phone number first. But don’t just end with that, we need more. Try it out with a co-worker first. Pretend to leave a voicemail and ask for feedback.

Why ME?

You’re calling ME, so tell me why. When you reach out to someone with an opportunity, tell that person (briefly) in your voicemail why you’ve called THEM.

Don’t Lie.

I have received voicemails claiming that a friend has refereed me for the service. The problem is, I haven’t seen or spoken to the person they’ve referenced since high-school. When leaving a voicemail, leave out the name drops and just get right to your reason for the call.

What’s your number?

Don’t wait until the VERY end of your voicemail to say your phone number. While most smart phones are able to pluck the phone number from the voicemail, this is still a bad practice. Try saying it along with your intro. A friendly reminder, say it twice at the end semi slowly. Give us a chance to write it down!


If you’re out there cold calling your heart out, I commend you! It’s not an easy task. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t improve your skills.

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Crawford Thomas RecruitingHere’s Why They Won’t Return your Cold Call