Are Interviewing and Dating a Similar Process?

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Interviewing and dating go hand-in-hand. Pun intended.

Job interviews can be nerve racking, much like a first date. It’s a big opportunity to make a great first impression on the hiring manager and hope that the other party likes what they see and hear. Typically if all goes well, they will invite you back for a second date/interview.

With both dating and interviewing, there’s a whole list of “what ifs” and possibilities to consider. You never know exactly what to expect, and have to be prepared for every curve ball thrown your way. Will the other party be interested in taking things further? If you cave under the pressure and fail to do yourself justice, the relationship will be over before it’s even started.

Let’s go over a few tips that will help in your interview process that are similar to the dating scene.

The first few moments are crucial.

When you turn up to a date, the first few moments are crucial.Your body language can depict how the job interview goes. Make a conscious effort to smile, make eye contact and choose a suitable embrace. In a job interview this would be a firm handshake. Displaying awkwardness at the start can put you immediately on the back foot, so make sure you have something to say at the start. Starting with something simple in both instances is key, “I am looking forward to learning more about you/your company” put the opposition in a good mood.

Who are you?

Be entertaining! You want them to remember you and think about you, whether it’s a date or interview. You don’t want to be someone they used to know. Stick out from the crowd. According to an article through Robert Half, “If you’re trying to impress a would-be partner, you need to have a few interesting tales to tell, relevant anecdotes and a good sense of humor. The same applies in a job interview, where you need to differentiate yourself from the rest of the candidates. All the skills and experience in the world may not help if an employer finds you instantly forgettable, make sure to relate how your skills and qualities can add value to the company.”

Don’t ask ‘Yes or No’ questions.

The best dates are the ones where both people are in deep conversation with little effort to keep the train moving. Asking questions during a date is the best way to encourage the other person to contribute – and the same applies in a job interview. This goes for both sides, Client and Candidate. Avoid yes or no questions, if you want the conversation to continue, don’t ask something that can be answered with one word. Doing so helps facilitate further discussion, giving you a chance to learn more about the company and the role at hand.

Dress to impress.

In the same article by Robert Half “Your choice of attire will inevitably have a bearing on the initial impression you make. If you turn up to a date – or interview – wearing rags, it won’t matter what you say or do. You’re just not going to get taken seriously. Also, dressing well can give you additional confidence, which ultimately boosts your performance. It shows the other party you mean business.” Dress nice, the nicer the better.

It’s simple, interviewing and dating are very similar. Using these tips will help you to land that second round that you deserve.

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Crawford Thomas RecruitingAre Interviewing and Dating a Similar Process?