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It’s a busy world we live in these days.

For Clients across the country, keeping your hiring process on track is easier said, than done. If you don’t have a designated HR team to ensure a smooth hiring process, you could be losing out on great candidates.

When it comes to filling open positions, no matter the industry, there is always some sort of speed bump along the way. Hiring managers have other tasks to work on throughout the day which can cause a delay in the hiring process. We get it!

Have no fear, there are solutions to keep this train rolling.

Engaging Crawford Thomas Recruiting can alleviate any set backs. Using a recruiting firm allows a team of trained individuals to work on your openings full time!

Let’s take a look at how Crawford Thomas Recruiting will keep your hiring process on track.

Strategy First

Our Account Managers schedule a call to discuss a recruiting strategy with our clients. According to, it is recommended to schedule a strategy meeting between firm and hiring manager early. “Strategy meetings help put the hiring manager in the right mindset, laying out expectations at the very beginning—which is no bad thing.” When you’ve scheduled a strategy meeting, make sure you know what both, client and recruiting firm, are going to accomplish. You’ll want to establish the basics for the opening, like: What is the start date? What does the compensation look like? What are some must-have qualifications from candidates?

As a hiring manager, it is your chance to explain the opening to your new team of recruiters. What will your new-hire be doing on a daily basis? What are their responsibilities? How will they be evaluated? Who do they report to? It is extremely important to be accurate with your description as the recruiting team will use these notes with your potential candidates.

Set a Timeline Writer, Aaron Schwartz explains, “The timeline for making a hire can be a minefield of misunderstandings. Get a crystal-clear picture of the hiring manager’s time constraints and make a schedule that you both agree on.”

Both sides must do their part to create a successful process. The hiring manager needs to be aware of specific items that need to stay on schedule, such as weekly check-ins and feedback on candidates within one to two days of a submittal, or interview. Crawford Thomas Recruiting is there every step to maintain candidate expectations. Although it is extremely important that when you (employer) do interview a potential hire, to provide feedback rather quickly. This will prevent the candidate from continuing their search elsewhere.

By setting a timeline and managing expectations on all ends, client, recruiter, and candidate this will make the process very healthy and the candidate will enjoy a positive experience.

What unites these two pieces of advice? Communication. When you have a strategy from the start, and everyone is kept informed throughout the process, the risk of misunderstandings is greatly reduced. The result? You’re much more likely to emerge with a good experience for everyone involved—including the candidate.

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Crawford Thomas RecruitingKeep your Hiring Process on Track