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5 Things to help prepare your newest employee on their first day

Do you remember your first day at work? Feeling nervous, anxious, excited, or scared! As an employer, it’s your job to ensure a smooth transition for your latest hire. Below is a list of 5 things every company should do for their newest employee.

Ahoy! Welcome Aboard

Send out an email introducing your newest employee. Here at Crawford Thomas Recruiting our internal recruiter takes her time to send out a company-wide email introducing our newest hire. It will include his or her LinkedIn page, a short bio of their background, and some fun facts about the individual so that we are able to make them feel right at home on their first day.

A little something from us to you

Have their desks ready and make sure to have a welcome gift set. Companies that give welcome gifts always have a better moral than companies that do not. A welcome gift set can include Pens, Notepads, Company-branded shirts, Business Cards, and other fun items with your company logo attached: phone charger, USB memory stick, key chains, name badge holder, lanyard and so on.

Everyone loves receiving gifts and it’s an easy way for your newest employee to represent your brand during and outside of work hours.

So many new names

Your new employee will need a quick and efficient way to get a hold of their coworkers. At Crawford Thomas Recruiting we have an excellent HR System that allows us to download an App to our smart phones and within that App are tons of useful incentives including our directory. While it’s easy for everyone to remember the new person’s name, it’s very tough for them to remember all of yours. Make it easy on them by providing a company directory.

Training for success

Having a great corporate trainer is a real key to success for your new team members. One of the biggest fears for someone in a new role is doing their job correctly! Having someone to train them with a simple, yet comprehensive program will make this transition very easy on them. Our trainer at Crawford Thomas Recruiting provides everyone with a binder for reference and she does an excellent job of explaining a day  in the life, how to organize, and best practices for each recruiting platform. Our senior recruiters and account managers will sit down with the new hire to discuss ways to become successful in their new role as well.

Spotlight at family lunch

Friday is a great day to have a group lunch. We consider our co workers family here at CT Recruiting, we’ll have our newest family member stop by on the Friday before their start date to welcome them in with a catered lunch. Other companies will have the new employee stand up and introduce themselves to the group. This is an exceptional opportunity to get to know your newest teammate in a relaxed setting.

The first day of work is always the most nerve racking, use these 5 simple steps to ensure your newest employee is off to their best start!


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Crawford Thomas RecruitingNew Employee First Day Checklist