New Year’s Resolutions for Hiring Managers

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It’s the perfect time to develop a New Year’s Resolution!

Take a look in your rear-view mirror, you’ll see the holidays waving as you head towards 2018. I’m not here to tell you about exercising or dieting for the New Year. I don’t want to lecture you on procrastination. However, I do want to share a few resolutions for hiring managers that I know will be beneficial to your company this coming year!

Let’s take a look at our list of New Year’s Resolutions below.

Don’t Search for the Needle in a Hay Stack

Define a position that is realistic. Let’s steer clear of candidate profile’s that are only held by a handful of people. These individuals are commonly known as Unicorns. Are you looking for a set of skills and competencies that often do not co-exist within one person? Recognize that if you go forward, your search may be challenging and may not lead to a successful hire without adjustments being made. Consider re-forming the position into something more realistic and test your job description with colleagues and peers to ensure that it is reasonable and clearly communicates the nature of the role.

Embrace Social Media

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times. Social Media is the future of the hiring industry. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, even Instagram; these social communities are an excellent place to post your openings. This goes for Hiring Managers as well as Recruiters. Word of mouth works wonders! If you are able to post each of your openings once or twice a week, your followers will do the rest. Make sure to put your contact info on these updates so that qualified candidates are able to get a hold of you.

Plan your Search

Too often, clients will need someone hired “yesterday” and jump into the process by throwing a poorly developed job posting up on all of the job boards. Instead, take some time to identify exactly what you are looking for in the role, make sure that all decision makers are involved from the beginning and that all stages of the recruiting and hiring process have been outlined in advance.

Work with a Recruiting Firm

Weighing the Pros and Cons of using a recruiting firm will show you the benefits of firms like Crawford Thomas Recruiting. We are able to tackle the list above and more. With our Organization Skills, Social Media Presence, and High-End Sourcing tools, we’re going to fill even your most difficult roles! If you are hiring for the New Year or planning a cattle call soon, give us a call and let Crawford Thomas Recruiting make your New Years Resolutions come true!

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Crawford Thomas RecruitingNew Year’s Resolutions for Hiring Managers