News 12: Here are the Industries Hiring, Right Now.

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In a recent article from News12 in the Tri-state area, hiring is on the rise for these industries.

Connecticut employers added over 4,000 jobs in September, adding to the state’s ongoing economic recovery since the pandemic, but who is hiring?

Experts say the transportation sector is up 12.5% and hiring.

Hiring at hotels and merchant and wholesalers is also up.

Caleb Silver, at Investopedia, says there are still plenty of jobs at Connecticut’s casinos.

The cannabis industry is also expected to add 100,000 jobs in the tri-state area in the near future, Silver says.

“The types of jobs though that are being hired are going to be warehouse jobs and going to be bud-tender jobs with customers coming in and out of the dispensaries,” Silver says.

Silver says jobs like those pay anywhere from $20 to $35 an hour.

William Stonehouse, President of Crawford-Thomas Recruiting and Staffing, has some tips on how to get hired right now.

“Do extensive research on any company that you’re interested in or that you’re trying to be hired by or that you’d like to be hired by and then also working your network,” Stonehouse says.

Stonehouse says companies are also hiring fully remote jobs.

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Crawford Thomas RecruitingNews 12: Here are the Industries Hiring, Right Now.