What to do at Work, Before Leaving for Vacation

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Is there anything better than a hard-earned vacation? As we prepare to take a group of employees on the annual president’s club trip, the stress of leaving the office sets in. While there’s a full check-list of items to bring along on your trip, there’s also a list of tasks to have covered at work while you’re out.

What’s the Gameplan?

Gameplanning should be at the top of the list. This is your chance to break down your day-to-day work life and speak to your co-workers about coverage. Make a list of possible worst-case scenarios, and provide simple instructions as to how co-workers should handle each. Don’t leave it up to them to figure out what to do. In the recruiting industry, someone will typically cover your accounts and candidates. If there’s an extreme emergency, make sure your co-worker can cover and handle it, especially if you’re out of country and cannot get to a phone.

Who’s Covereing? 

If you’re going on a work-related vacation such as president’s club, or performance club, it’s expected that a large group will be out of office. Speak to those individuals that are not attending in a very polite and professional manner. This is not an opportunity to gloat about your achievements, instead, make sure they are not bogged down with their own work. You’ll also want to ensure they haven’t picked up someone else’s tasks as well, that can get confusing.

New Task, Who Dis?

Are you handing off tasks that are new to an individual? Not smart! Make sure you’re covering your own butt by explaining, training, and then watching your co-worker perform a task for you. If they are visibly uncomfortable or verbally tell you that cannot do the task, that’s okay. You’ll simply need to ask someone else or speak with your supervisor about an extension on a deadline, or other options to avoid the task being done incorrectly.

Have fun on your trip! Your colleagues that are assisting you while you’re out, they deserve recognition. A simple thank you might be enough, or perhaps you’ll buy them lunch when you return.

Planning to be out-of-office can be just as stressful as planning the actual vacation. Use these three tips to make life easy and enjoy your vacation!

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Crawford Thomas RecruitingWhat to do at Work, Before Leaving for Vacation