4 Ways to Continue Recruiting Through the Holidays

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Here at our corporate headquarters in Orlando, FL, the winter months don’t bring much change to the world outside. It’s still in the 80’s, people are still going to the beach and theme parks, and there is no snow (ever). However, within the walls of Crawford Thomas Recruiting, we begin to notice the holidays slowly creep up.

Most recruiters would tell you that the holiday season is “slow”, as they will begin to coast into the new year with minimal effort. Quite the contrary, recruiters should spend the holiday season focusing on recruiting efforts that may not be on your daily task list.

Below are 4 ways to stay recruiting through the holidays.

Evaluate your Efforts

According to Recruiting.com you should “use the free time to evaluate this past year’s efforts. Identify what has worked for you and what hasn’t. Did you find success in posting job ads to certain job board, visiting career fairs or creating print materials? Or did you find more talent using your career site or sending out video links? Commit to investing more in the efforts that worked for next year.”

Forecast the Future

Your company has made some great hires over the past 11 months and perhaps some that weren’t so great. This is a good time to forecast for the first quarter of next year and begin to source for future candidates. Send them a holiday note. Put yourself and the company you’re recruiting for on their radar. You never know what type of conversations that candidate may be having over the holiday break. They could be ready to jump ship after the first of the year.

Update your Job Descriptions

“During the hustle and bustle that occurs during most of the year, it can easy to pass over the most important piece of candidate communication: the job description. Use the extra time you have in the day to improve this critical foundation.Look over all of the job descriptions you currently use. Are they up to date? Do they communicate a honest representation of the job? Or do they need some fine-tuning? The reality is you should do this exercise more often than not because it will improve the quality of your applicants and improve employee retention over the long run.”

-Source Recruiting.com

Make Goals

Last but not least, make goals for yourself. If you want to do better than you have in previous years, you have to change. Updating job descriptions, evaluate your efforts, forecast your company needs. Set a goal for each day, week, month, or quarter. Finish one task before moving on to the next. Keep a log of your daily activity, and above all, always be the hardest worker in the room.

Have a great holiday season from all of us here at Crawford Thomas Recruiting.

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Crawford Thomas Recruiting4 Ways to Continue Recruiting Through the Holidays