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Taking a break from the recruiting and staffing related content to bring you some fun and surprising Black Friday Facts!

I will not be participating in the craziness of Black Friday. I am more of a Cyber-Monday guy. Although my Fiance will be out with her friends to ‘hit the sales’. I thought maybe it’s a good idea to do a bit of research about this chaotic-retail day/night.

Here’s what I found.

History of Black Friday

Year it began – 1961 (reported) 2005 (official)

Year retailers opened at midnight for Black Friday – 2011

Year retailers began Black Friday Sales on Thursday – 2012

Black Friday Stats

Number of people that shopped in the US on Black Friday from a typical November day: 174 million

Increase in store foot traffic on Black Friday from a typical November day: 65%

The crowds usually peak around 4PM on Black Friday, not early in the morning as some people think

Percentage of Black Friday shopping searches that take place before the stores open: 59%

Amount spent in Online purchases on Black Friday 2016: $3 billion

(In 2017, online sales rose 18 percent, according to Adobe Systems Inc. Sales hit a record of $7.9 billion. Forty percent of these purchases were done from mobile phones.)

More Black Friday info here

Thanksgiving weekend is about family, food, football and financing a new TV?

We here at Crawford Thomas Recruiting wish all of you a very fun and safe weekend.

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