8 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving in the Office

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Here are a few ways you can celebrate fall and the upcoming holiday at your workplace:

  1. Hang up a ‘Thankful Board’. Place a bulletin board or poster in a public area and ask employees to post things they are thankful for in the form of short notes or pictures to spread positivity and warm feelings.

  2. Write a note of thanks. Think about what each employee brings to the company and write them a small note. If you are short on time or have a large staff, ask managers and team leads to pitch in.

  3. Host an office Thanksgiving. A Thanksgiving potluck will bring a smile to everyone’s face, especially for those who may not have someone to celebrate the holiday with. Delicious food is always a crowd pleaser!

  4. Have a pie baking contest. Encourage your workplace to bring in their best pies for a company contest. Employees can vote with coins to determine the winner, with all proceeds going to a charitable organization.

  5. Swap recipes. Have everyone write down their favorite Thanksgiving dish recipe, place them in a hat or bag, and have staff draw recipes at random. Now, everyone has something new to try.

  6. Volunteer together! Find a local organization who needs help around the holiday season and plan a time for your employees to get together and give-back to your community.

  7. Have a no-turkey Thanksgiving. Instead of going the potluck route, order pizza or another favorite food to avoid traditional Thanksgiving dishes all together! Hang out with your colleagues over your turkey-free feast while watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973).

  8. Organize an office happy hour. Celebrate the holiday weekend and let your hair down at an after hours event with your co-workers.

May your Thanksgiving weekend be full, and your Black Friday stress-free!

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Crawford Thomas Recruiting8 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving in the Office