Attention Sales Managers. Are you ready for the inevitable? 

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4 Guaranteed Ways to Turn Off an Ideal Candidate

Sales Managers. Prepare yourselves.

I’m sure you say it to your sales team all the time: “ABC. Always be closing.” Well, in an article by Engage-selling, they recommend that you adopt a slightly different mantra for yourself: ABR: Always be recruiting. It is essential to continue your recruiting efforts throughout the year.

Allow me to elaborate. Sales managers tend to settle down and get complacent when their sales team is performing well. Recruiting tends to fall further on their priority list when their days get busy with other objectives. According to Colleen Francis, “in reality, it’s essential to constantly have recruiting on your to-do list for three important reasons.” Let’s dive into her three reasons below.

  1. People leave. No matter how well you pay your team, or how well they seem to be performing, one thing’s always certain: turnover happens. Whether it’s someone winning the lottery, moving, or getting a better offer somewhere else, some of your employees will inevitably move on from your company. And as their manager, you’ll be last to know, so don’t be caught in a bind when one of your key team members gives notice.
  2. People under-perform. Traditionally, sales teams fall into a pattern: 20% hit well above their target, they are your high performers. 60% hit their target fairly consistently, they are your workhorses. And 20% under-perform or are too new to measure. You always want the option to replace your bottom 20% with better performers, and you won’t have any options if you’re not actively recruiting.
  3. Your team will grow. Even in the best case scenario—where all of your team members are over performing and you’re hitting it out of the park in your market, then it’s time to start attacking new markets. And at that point, you’ll need new reps to go after those markets.

This is clearly where Crawford Thomas Recruiting comes in handy. We are a nation-wide recruiting and staffing firm, famous for exceeding client’s expectations regarding, time to fill open positions, value, and quality of candidates. Our success has been in but not limited to the functional areas of Sales, IT, Accounting, Finance, Engineering, Operations, Management and HR. Crawford Thomas Recruiting is proud to service clients ranging from Start-Ups, Members of the INC 5000, and the Fortune 500.

Sales recruiting is our forte, working side by side with Sales Managers across the country, we have placed thousands and thousands of Sales Professionals from Entry Level to Directors and C-Suite Executives.

If you’re one of the 51% of companies across the nation making a hire this year, give us a call today to get your recruitment train rolling.

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Crawford Thomas RecruitingAttention Sales Managers. Are you ready for the inevitable?