Is Your Company Appealing to Sales Candidates?

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Sales Candidates are typically the best at sniffing out an appealing employer.

The question is, how do you make your company stand out among the rest of the competition?

With the unemployment rate so low in today’s job market, it is now more important than ever to be an employer of choice. Job applicants, and sales candidates have more options. You want potential hires and your top talent to see your organization as their number one option for employment. In order to become an employer of choice, according to research through our sales recruiters here at Crawford Thomas Recruiting and an article by Select International, you’ll want to follow some of these suggestions.

Be Social.

Research has proven that sales candidates “are interested in working for companies that do some good in the world. By being socially conscious or donating to charities, you are giving the workers a sense of positive meaning in their work. It helps them feel like they too are giving back to the community.” Not to mention, social media. With Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others being so prevalent in the professional world, it is a must-have department for candidates to want to work for your brand. Sales is an ever-changing field, and to work for a company that updates itself – socially – and frequently will attract better talent.

Recognize Your Performers.

Your sales employees put in a lot of effort at work, and as an appealing employer you should reward that effort. Setting small goals is great way to encourage employee engagement. Everyone typically has an end of the quarter or end of the year goal, but it is important to celebrate smaller wins as well. In sales there is always something small and large to achieve, Select International suggests these goal setting examples:

  • Set goals at the individual and department level and develop a reward system to recognize the workers achievements when they meet those goals.
  • Set goals at the organizational level and reward all employees for reaching those goals. This creates a sense of teamwork and enthusiasm for accomplishing company-wide goals.

Path to Success.

To encourage workers to stay with your organization, or explore an interview, you’ll need to have a clear cut career path. When an employee starts as a lower level sales rep, they’ll want to know exactly how to reach the next level of employment. This is especially true for the younger generation coming into the workforce. Promotions are a key to becoming an appealing company to work for. When sales candidates are in the interview process, a great question for them to ask is “how do I move up?” Hopefully you’ll have a specific answer.

Show Me the Money.

Compensation is on the list. What a surprise, right? Ask any Sales Recruiter, An aggressive comp plan with superb commissions and the ability to prove that these numbers are attainable are very important. Let’s break it down. Commissions are what makes a sales candidate excited and hungry. Is your commission structure better than your competition? It better be, if you want to keep your top performers or to attract others. Prove it! The ability to prove that your sales targets are attainable is important. Most sales reps believe they’re the best of the best, but if only two out of twenty employees are making it to president’s club, perhaps these targets need to be reevaluated.

Being an appealing employer is quite simple. Following these four suggestions should get you ahead of your cross-town rivals and lock in some great talent! Crawford Thomas Recruiting specialzes in sales recruitment. We place thousands and thousands sales reps from entry level to c-level all over the nation and even over seas!

If you’re looking to become a top level company, it starts with your sales division. Let our team of sales recruiters at Crawford Thomas Recruiting find you the best of the best to ensure you’re at the top of the food chain.

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Crawford Thomas RecruitingIs Your Company Appealing to Sales Candidates?