How to Motivate Your Sales Team

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Five Ways to Motivate Your Sales Team

Light a fire inside of them, not under them.

Sales Recruiting is one of our many specialties here at Crawford Thomas. We consider ourselves an expert on the matter. Since we have placed so many sales reps throughout the world, we thought it may be nice to share some tips on how to keep those sales teams motivated each and every day.

Are you an inspiring Sales Manager? Do your troops respect your authority? Do you motivated your sales team? According to research at Peak Sales Recruiting “motivation is key to driving top performers and developing the junior ones. And, research supports this notion — organizations with engaged employees outperform those with low employee engagement by 202 percent. 

We have selected five of the best ways to keep your sales team motivated and ready to crush targets each and every quarter.

Celebrate Small Wins

Recognizing your sales team for achieving even the smallest steps toward their numbers goes a long way. Managers should encourage team members to set small goals as well as large ones. Be sure to send an email, or have a client write a positive review about your rep. Small wins are not something that all companies celebrate, which is why the teams that recognize these events are more likely to hit their numbers each quarter.

Positive Approach

If you find your sales team to be in a slump, remain positive. Your team members do not need to hear the echos of worrying or complaints. As a manager you should always be positive, reminding them of smaller goals they can hit in a shorter amount of time. Let them know you will provide resources to ensure a better tomorrow. It’s comforting for your team to know that you have their back as long as they are working hard.

Get Your Hands Dirty

It’s easy, and less engaging to track your team’s successes by a spreadsheet, CRM, or other group-all email reports. Show your team that you’re here to help by getting your hands dirty. Provide one-on-one training sessions. Take part in your teams daily client visits. Don’t micromanage, instead, be a companion and provide physical guidance.

Value Your Reps

Motivation seems to go hand in hand with value. Allowing your reps to be a part of an important decision is key. Your team members will feel valued and respected when you let them make a decision that has an important impact on the company as a whole. Of course there are other ways to show value. Taking their side and reinforcing their ideas. Relate to them on a personal and professional level, do not hold something over their head.

Success for Tomorrow

What are your professional dreams? What are your team’s professional dreams? If you don’t know, ask. Help them to reach their goals of the future. As a manager, you should have an on going relationship with each team member to ensure you’re able to put them on the right path to succeed, and that will allow your company to succeed as well. Find ways to connect your reps to a successful future with training, case studies, blog posts, website research.

Your sales program is extremely important to the successes and failures of your company. If you have a motivated sales team, you are already way ahead of the competition. Celebrating the small victories can be just as important as the large ones. Be positive and upbeat, even if sales are not doing as well as they should be. Show your team that you’re with them every step of the way by getting in the trenches. Valuing your reps time, energy, successes, is our top pick of the bunch. However, setting them up for a successful tomorrow will allow your company to succeed today!

Crawford Thomas Recruiting specializes in finding the best and self-motivated sales reps in the world. We have placed thousands of sales reps throughout the US and other parts of the world each and every year. If your company is looking to hire an additional sales professional, or you’re in need of other candidates, give us a call.

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