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Choosing a new career can be difficult. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran in the work force, or entry level candidate, choosing a career path that suits you can be a simple task, Although if you have been working for the same company for several years, it can be tough to start fresh. A job change should improve your quality of life.

We have listed 4 steps to assist in choosing a new career. These will work for both, entry level, and seasoned professionals.

Identify the current issue.

Are you being micromanaged, are your opinions meaningless, or maybe you enjoy the company but there’s no room for growth? Take time to identify why you’re unhappy in the current role. Write down a list of pros and cons to cross reference when searching for a new job. This will allow you to identify the specific qualities you’d like in a new role.

If you’re entry level, be sure to connect with current employees at a company to ensure they are happy and well managed.

What are your aspirations?

If you’re in a sales position, but you’re aspiring to be a marketing manager, is there a clear path to achieving this goal in your current role? Take time to reflect on your career aspirations. Ask yourself questions like, Do you want to live somewhere else? Would you enjoy a shorter commute? Working from home a couple days a week?

Entry Level: take a minute to write down your “must haves” list when applying for a new job.

Go behind-the-scenes

There is always more to a job than what’s expressed in a job description. Ask a recruiter or someone in your network to find out as much additional information about the position you’re looking into. When choosing a new career, it’s best to find out the information they wont add to a description. Find out about culture, moral, and whether people are genuinely happy there.

Entry Level: Research their social media. Get a live look into the company and culture within.

What’s keeping you at your current company?

Most people will find limitations and have a mindset that they cannot leave a role until certain things happen. For example, stock options that are waiting to vest, commissions that have not been paid, bonuses, and other timely incentives. Consider that a new company may give you a signing bonus, maybe a raise, or equity. The point is to try and visualize opportunity rather than limitations.

Back to the basics: Choose your career. These are 4 simple tips to assist in your career search. Feel free to browse our current openings here and email us with any questions.

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Crawford Thomas RecruitingBack to Basics: Choose Your Career