Back to Basics: Interview Etiquette

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When you’re searching for your next position, it is common to forget some of the basic interview skills. Interview etiquette is among the top of that list for candidates.

Let’s go back to the basics with these three tips to perfect your job interview etiquette.

Keep Eye Contact

According to Your Career Intel, “eye contact represents respect, interest, understanding, and appreciation. It’s essential to communicate to your interviewer that you respect their time. Our eyes have their own language and help people to understand when you comprehend what they are saying along with appreciating it. It’s important for your interviewer to feel a connection with you. Eye contact helps build this connection.”

Dress Code

There are many quotes and sayings that can relate to your attire. Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. You only get once chance at a first impression. Dressing well is key to making a positive first impression. Dressing your best will boost confidence and will allow your nerves to subside.

They Like Me, They Like Me Not

Take time in the interview to get to know the interviewer. There are articles that will claim that this is a poor idea, and that you should only stick to the professional script, but companies want to hire people that they like and can spend long hours with. During your interview, don’t be afraid to ask questions that allow you to learn more about the interviewer. Example: How did you get started in XYZ Company? What is your favorite part about working here? These will give you a small inside look and you should be able to piggyback off of this information going forward in the conversation.


Great etiquette during an interview can make or break a job opportunity. Use these three tips to crush your next interview and don’t forget to follow us on social media.

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Crawford Thomas RecruitingBack to Basics: Interview Etiquette