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Ace Your Next Interview With These 4 Subtle Tricks

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According to Forbes, these 4 tricks will help you to nail your next interview.

1. Practice hands-free confidence

Curb nervous fidgeting such as tapping your fingers, shaking your leg or twirling your hair during the interview. Instead, pay close attention to keeping your hands relaxed. Face an open palm towards the hiring manager. This conveys composure, openness and honesty.

2. Perfect your posture

Humans cross our arms to shield the body in threatening situations, but this can come off as defensive or nervous in an interview. Additionally, while you may think leaning back in your chair makes you look cool and at ease, a recruiter may interpret your relaxed stance as disinterest.

Try this: Square your shoulders with the interviewer’s then sit as if a string is tied from the top of your head to the ceiling. Or imagine a hand pressing in at the base of your back. This signals intelligence and credibility–plus you earn bonus points for sitting up straight like Mom always told you to (just kidding!).

3. Match and mirror the interviewer

Synchronize your voice with the person interviewing you, including their tone, cadence and speed. If they are a soft talker, don’t reply at ear-bursting volume. Pay attention to their language choices.

For example, if you notice your the hiring manager is using phrases such as “paint me a picture” you can mirror her word choice with responses like, “Its appears to me that…” or “To give you a look at what I’d like to accomplish in my first 90 days here…”

This will make the interviewer feel as if you are on the same level—an instant recipe for likability. People are drawn to those who are similar to them, so by mirroring another person’s communication patterns in a natural way, they’re more likely feel trusting of you.

4. Smile

Plain and simple, smiling allows others to feel comfortable with us. Not only that, but studies show that the mere action of smiling improves mood, making it a powerful antidote to calm job interview jitters.

At a minimum start and end your conversation with a smile on your face. Research shows these are the most memorable points of any interaction, so you’ll leave the room having made a positive impression.

Fine tuning your non-verbal communication significantly maximizes your appeal to others, including employers. Body language is a key way of expressing confidence, maturity and optimism—all qualities top employers seek in a new hire.

Remember, words are only the first step to impress. Use these techniques and let your body say the rest.

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