How to get your Offer Letter Rescinded

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Here are our 3 easy steps to have your offer letter rescinded.

There is typically a bit of time that passes by between being offered a new job and actually starting. Obtaining the offer letter is sometimes only the beginning. There’s still a background check, drug screening, and possibly a reference check as well. These are all common areas to fail and have an offer taken away. But what about when you pass the checks and screenings? Is there still a way for your offer to be rescinded? Yes.

There are 3 easy ways to have your offer rescinded and they are dumb.


Your offer letter arrives in your Email inbox. You’re reading through carefully and decide to negotiate your salary requirements. This is a very important and tactful move on the candidate’s part. If you don’t know what you’re doing or asking for, you’ll come off as unprofessional. It is not uncommon to act out of character when negotiating salary. Remember that this is a risk, as the employer can rescind the offer if the negotiations do not pan out well. Having some ammo, like national salary numbers for your role, reasoning behind the decision to ask for more, or why your experience allows you to ask for a change in comp.

Commitment Issues

It is unacceptable to show anything other than genuine enthusiasm when accepting an offer. On several occasions we have seen a manager rescind an offer simply due to the lack of commitment from the candidate in a timely manner. Example: If you’re offered a new job on Monday, it is customary to have that offer letter signed and sent back within 12 hours. This is not the time to ask more questions about benefits, pto, or other incentives as these should have been answered already. If you’re at an offer letter stage, you have shown the employer true interest in the role and they are showing you that they’re ready to bring you on board.

Note: Candidate’s that work with recruiters typically accept an offer letter much faster as the recruiter has already gone through what to expect and the candidate is prepared.

Liar Liar, Resume on Fire

Be honest from the start. We have seen many offers rescinded simply because the candidate was dishonest. Whether it was on their resume, in a background check, about recent compensation, or others. Most employers are willing to look past a few bumps in your past, but you’ll have to be upfront and honest from the beginning. No need to exaggerate at this stage of the process. It’s never too late to come clean about something on your resume, or anything else on social media.

Once you’ve made it to the offer letter stage, take a breath, remember the reasons you’re looking for a new job and the reasons you’ve interviewed with ‘this’ one. Congrats on the new position. Do your best to stay out of your own way!

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