Hire the Best Candidates using Fantasy Football as a Guideline

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Drafting a great team is key for any situation

In most organizations, managers use more data to manage their Fantasy Football team than they use to make a decision regarding potential employees. That’s a tough pill to swallow. The best part of Fantasy Sports is the draft. This is your time to do research, collect data on your players, find out how well they did in college. Asking yourself questions like; will this person be valuable for my team throughout the year? Or, Is this player going to be successful on a daily/weekly basis?

For those of you that need a quick refresher on Fantasy Football, check here

Let me give you an overview of Fantasy Football from the words of Lance Andrews at Select International:

Fantasy Football: A group of adults preparing to select a fictitious team – in an effort to win an inconsequential amount of money, bragging rights, and a trophy their spouse doesn’t want in the house – did the following to prepare for their fantasy football draft:

  • Assembled an unnecessary amount of data and stats – more data than they could possibly use
  • Studied and prepared in the days and weeks leading up to the draft (some should have prepared a lot more)
  • Several people practiced by completing ‘mock drafts’ in order to see how various draft strategies may play out
  • Listened to podcasts and watched hours of television broadcasts dedicated to analyzing the season and predicting who the best players will be

Now that we’re on the same page, how does this relate to hiring your next top candidate?

Let’s compare what we know about the preparation for Fantasy Sports to the preparation for an interview process. Most managers approaching an interview rarely have more than a resume in front of them. That resume has been glanced at for a max of 10 minutes. Some managers, just before the interview, are learning about this candidate for the first time from their HR Rep. Having been a recruiter and working with tons of clients I’ve not seen any organization approach employee selection with the degree of rigor and preparation that even a novice Fantasy Football player puts into selecting their team.

You can’t wing-it

Ask any Fantasy player, no one is confident enough to just wing-it through the draft. So why, as an employer, would you feel confident going with your “gut feeling” on selecting your next employee? 

How to prepare for your “employee draft”

Similar to Fantasy Sports, asking an expert for help is lifeline number one! For example, you’ll want to find someone that has proven success in this field, someone that can provide data, information on their background, and facts rather than opinions.

Crawford Thomas Recruiting is your cheat sheet for your next employee draft. We have a team of experts here collecting data on these candidates such as previous successes, salary requirements, job transitions, qualifications, college life and organizations they’re involved in.

We provide our clients with cold hard facts about our candidates so that you, as an employer, are able to make the best draft selection for your REAL LIFE team. With our professionals here at Crawford Thomas Recruiting, hiring managers can be right more often, have continued success on a daily basis, and ‘win’ their draft.


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Crawford Thomas RecruitingHire the Best Candidates using Fantasy Football as a Guideline