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Five Questions to Land the Perfect Candidate.

Let’s look at five questions we ask our clients in order to source for the perfect candidate.

Working with a Recruiting Firm such as Crawford Thomas Recruiting has become essential to finding the best talent in your industry! I’m not just saying that to toot our own horn. When we take on a new assignment, there are several questions we ask our Clients before we start sourcing. I have included five questions, of the many, we ask Clients before working on their openings.

Why, How, What, Who, Where?

  • Why is this position available?

    • Find out why the role is open. Most people do not leave jobs. They leave managers, compensation changes, or incentives taken away. Others are let go due to performance issues, missing too much time, or creating a negative environment. In best case scenarios, the position is available because the Employer has landed a new client and needs additional support. The perfect candidate is going to want to know these answers as well.
  • How do you measure success in this particular role?

    • First we must identify what type of success you’re looking for. I have worked with clients that have intangible measurements of success. For example they may look for: Perseverance, Respect for authority, Self Control, and Optimism. While others are more metric driven with their success measurements seeking examples such as: Weekly Sales Goals, Cold calling numbers, generating new leads, or hitting bonuses. Find out how the Client measures success so that you may use that in sourcing for the perfect candidate.
  • What are your qualifications for this role?

    • Define the key qualifications. Does this candidate need specific certifications? Often the image of the perfect candidate cannot be defined on paper, therefore you must find out what the Client has in mind for a perfect candidate. Identify your client’s minimums and make sure your candidate exceeds each one! Do they need 3 years of Outside Sales Experience? Do they need a portfolio to show success? These are key to bringing in the best talent pool.
  • Who have you had your most success with?

    • Candidates come from all types of backgrounds and companies. Ask your Client to look at their successful employees. Is there a trend in their backgrounds? Do they come from similar industries? Maybe they studied at the same college? Perhaps they were athletes or involved in campus activities? They’ll find many similarities to share with your team.
  • Where does recruitment fit into your schedule?

    • This is a great question that will reveal a lot about your Client. Is recruitment really a top priority? This is a much better question than asking “how long is your interview process?” The perfect candidate will likely be interviewing at multiple companies. Ensure your client understands that when they do find someone they like, that other companies probably like that candidate as well! Ensure your Client that makes time in their schedule to interview and speak to candidates will surely land the perfect candidate.

Finding the perfect candidate can be tough if you’re not asking the right questions. At Crawford Thomas Recruiting we pride ourselves on the ability to find the absolute best talent. It all starts with a few questions.


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