How To Bounce Back Into Full-Time Work After Time Away

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Crawford Thomas Recruiting, a distinguished national recruiting firm, has been featured in a highly insightful article titled “How To Bounce Back Into Full-Time Work After Time Away.” Life’s unpredictability often leads individuals to take breaks from full-time work, whether to care for loved ones, prioritize their well-being, deal with unexpected layoffs, or explore new career opportunities. Returning to the professional world after such a hiatus can be a formidable challenge, involving not only the transition into work but also the need to regain the confidence of potential employers.

In this article, President of Crawford Thomas Recruiting, William Stonehouse III, and 19 members of Forbes Human Resources Council offer their expert insights on best practices for those seeking a successful “second act” in their careers. They emphasize the significance of staying updated on industry trends, engaging in continuous learning, and attending networking events to boost confidence. The article also recommends hiring executive coaches and focusing on consulting roles to enhance qualifications and rebuild employer trust after a career break.

Moreover, the importance of showcasing achievements during the hiatus, being honest and authentic in interviews, and refreshing knowledge and skills is highlighted. The article underscores the value of emphasizing soft skills gained during the break, leveraging part-time or volunteer work to highlight transferable skills, and adopting a candid narrative about the career break as an asset in the eyes of employers.

Crawford Thomas Recruiting understands the significance of these practices in facilitating a smooth return to the workforce. They stand as a national, award-winning recruiting firm committed to helping clients find top talent to fill their open positions. By incorporating these best practices, professionals can confidently reenter the workforce and embark on their next career chapter, resulting in personal and organizational success. To delve deeper into these valuable insights, readers are encouraged to click on the provided link to the full article.

Crawford Thomas Recruiting’s dedication to excellence in recruiting aligns perfectly with the principles discussed in the article. By implementing these strategies, individuals can navigate their return to full-time work successfully, while Crawford Thomas Recruiting continues to assist businesses in securing top talent to meet their staffing needs.

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