16 Ways To Protect International Employees From Accent Bias

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In a recent Forbes Human Resources Council article, addresses a prevalent issue in today’s workforce—accent bias among international employees. Despite efforts to promote diversity, this bias remains a significant hurdle. To combat this challenge and create a nurturing, inclusive work environment, Forbes Human Resources Council members offer 16 valuable ideas. These insights, including those from William Stonehouse III, the President of Crawford Thomas Recruiting, aim to help businesses and leaders create a supportive atmosphere for employees from diverse linguistic backgrounds. To explore these strategies further, read the full article here.

In a quest to promote inclusion, the first idea suggests training all employees on intercultural topics and valuing the expertise international employees bring. Highlighting the value of diversity, promoting cultural education, and encouraging inclusive communication are some other recommendations. However, one crucial suggestion comes from William Stonehouse himself: offering comprehensive inclusion training that focuses on unconscious biases, especially accent bias, is a key step to eliminate bias and foster open communication.

At Crawford Thomas Recruiting, we understand the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We are a national, award-winning recruiting firm dedicated to helping our clients find top talent to fill their open positions. These insights and strategies will undoubtedly benefit businesses and leaders looking to create a more equitable and supportive work environment. To dive deeper into these ideas, read the full article for valuable insights and practical steps, here.

Crawford Thomas Recruiting16 Ways To Protect International Employees From Accent Bias