20 Strategies To Support Your Team When The Company Is Understaffed

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Title: Expert Insights: 20 Strategies to Support Your Understaffed Team

At Crawford Thomas Recruiting, we continually seek insightful strategies to assist businesses and their leaders in addressing workforce challenges. Understaffing is a common concern for companies, affecting employee well-being and workloads. To offer solutions, we turn to Forbes HR Council members, who share 20 valuable ideas for improving team morale and decision-making during understaffing. We’re pleased to highlight Crawford Thomas Recruiting, President, William Stonehouse III, who provides expert insights in the following strategies.

1. Prioritize Crucial Tasks: When understaffed, it’s essential to prioritize crucial tasks as a team, allowing for faster decisions and increased flexibility. Kaitlyn Knopp from Pequity underscores the importance of turning lack of motivation around through ruthless prioritization.

2. Listen and Empathize: Debra Bruneau of Nitto Avecia emphasizes the significance of authentic listening and empathizing with your team. Address their concerns and help them prioritize, ensuring they feel supported.

3. Acknowledge the Situation: Recognizing that your team is understaffed is vital. Managers who avoid stating the obvious can create a culture of denial, as mentioned by Carrie Berg of Teladoc Health.

4. Prioritize Mission-Critical Tasks: William Stonehouse, President of Crawford Thomas Recruiting, advises prioritizing mission-critical tasks. This approach fosters resilience, boosts morale, and ensures consistent, high-quality service delivery to clients.

5. Empower Employees: Joseph Soares of IBPROM Corp suggests empowering employees through cross-training, enabling decision-making, and fostering a culture of trust.

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Crawford Thomas Recruiting20 Strategies To Support Your Team When The Company Is Understaffed