6 Signs You’ve Found a Great Recruiter

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In the recruiting industry there are good recruiters, and there are bad ones. Just like any job, some take it more seriously than others. With recruiting it’s a bit different. We fall somewhere between sales reps and human resource specialists. A misconception of recruiters is that we are trying to sell you something for our own benefit. In reality, we are opportunists! If we call or email you, it’s because you’ve fit the mold for a new position we’re working on. The question is, how do you know when you’re speaking with a great recruiter VS one of the bad ones.

Here are the 6 signs you’ve found a remarkable recruiter, according to Forbes.

Someone who will listen to you

It sounds simple, but many recruiters—similar to most of your family, friends and co-workers—don’t bother to listen to you (kidding, kinda). They pretend that they are; however, they are just biding time until they can talk and set you straight with their brilliant ideas. A remarkable recruiter will ask what you are looking for in a new job. They will also inquire into your long-term career goals and aspirations. This type of high-end recruiter will feel out your risk tolerance level relative to a new job, the compensation and corporate title you require and the type of company you’d like to join. Then, they will actively listen to your answers. When you try to explain to the recruiter what you desire, they won’t talk over you. A top recruiter is someone who puts their ego aside, asks pointed questions that prompt you to critically think about what you are looking for in your next opportunity and what specific objectives you have for your career. They will then patiently listen and absorb all of your answers to really understand you as a person.

A great recruiter will have an in-depth, intimate knowledge of your industry

When you first meet with a sharp recruiter, they will intuitively understand what you are currently doing in your job and they will be cognizant of the companies that would be a good next step in your career. You would not have to take a deep breath and spend the next hour and a half explaining to them—as if they were a third grader—the nuances of your job and how it’s viewed within the industry that you are involved with. The recruiter will immediately know important people that they could introduce you to and also the companies and managers to avoid. They will most likely have more insider knowledge of your space than you have and will gladly share that intelligence with you.

The recruiter is available when you need them

Surprisingly, they are not always in a meeting, on a conference call, or out of the office and are available to answer your important call. When you call their office you don’t get, “Hello, how may I help you? Who is this?…

The real-deal recruiter will either answer the call or—if busy—return it promptly.  If you are having a panic attack before the big  interview, they are there for you. They will make sure that you are well prepared for the interview way ahead of time. The top recruiter will offer their assistance at all hours of the day if you need to brainstorm, find an email address to send a thank you letter, stalk the interviewer on LinkedIn on your behalf and and will always provide tips on making a memorable presentation

They will offer feedback and constructive criticism throughout the interview process

You don’t want a “yes” person who only tells you what you want to hear. If you can’t clearly articulate what you do or fail to answer easy softball questions, they will politely point out your challenges and then help you improve. Honesty is the key here as well. Sometimes you need a person to give you the real-deal answers, even if you don’t want to hear them. The job you want may be out of your league. The money you desire may be too much. You may not like to hear it, but you need the truth told to you in a kind and sympathetic manner.

A good recruiter will be a cheerleader and encourage you to achieve your goals 

When you become afraid to go after your dreams, they will push you to move forward. They will encourage you to go outside your comfort zone. Before an interview, they will help perfect the way you can sell and market yourself, role play what may occur in the meetings, describe the personalities of the interviewers, share where they stand within the organization and infuse you with the knowledge and courage to succeed. If things don’t go well, they will be there too. Just because you may strike out at some interviews, they won’t desert you and will stick with you through thick and thin.

A great recruiter won’t give you sleazy sales pitches

They’ll only share solid appropriate jobs that you would be interested in and are relevant to your experience, background and that offer growth potential and the money you seek.

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