Is Your LinkedIn Profile Pic Helping or Hurting Your Job Search?

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TheLadders posted an excellent article on what NOT to do with your professional profile pic. Not only does this go for Facebook, but more importantly LinkedIn. The article is found here. As a recruiter and social media manager, I have looked at thousands of LinkedIn profiles throughout my career. I will tell you that it is extremely important to have a professional and appealing photo. It tells the viewer that you’re serious about your career and know how to sell yourself.

Aside from the 9 tips from TheLadders, I have added 3 more of my own.

Your Top

If your only option is a shirt, please make it a solid color and wrinkle free. I have seen too many graphic tees or button down shirts with patterns all over. It’s tough to take a candidate or anyone seriously with palm trees and birds all over their shirt, like they’re on vacation.

Suggestive Photos

Sexually suggestive profile pics may help you land an appointment with a certain subject of prospects, but it definitely doesn’t convey the right message to any client I’ve ever worked with.


Just don’t. Selfies are cool on Instagram, Snapchat, and to send to your friends and family, but they are the opposite of professional. Leave the selfies off of your LinkedIn Profile.

The author of TheLadders article shared a few pictures of herself that I consider to be excellent examples of a profile picture done right. She comes across as “professional, likeable and approachable.”

Here at Crawford Thomas Recruiting, we have had a photographer come through to take professional head shots. You can view them here.

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Crawford Thomas RecruitingIs Your LinkedIn Profile Pic Helping or Hurting Your Job Search?