Why Recruiters Don’t Share Company Name and Salary Info Right Away

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Candidates want to know two specific bits of information right off the bat. What is the name of the company and how much are they offering for this role. There are a few very important reasons why most recruiting firms do not share this information until they’ve spoke to a candidate over the phone. At Crawford Thomas Recruiting we pride ourselves in the ability to build rapport with candidates and clients alike.

“One reason a recruiter withholds details about a position is to maintain a strong relationship with the client. In many cases, there are confidentiality factors to consider. Perhaps the client is replacing a current employee in the role, or the client simply doesn’t want the available position to be plastered all over job boards online. No matter the reasoning, confidentiality and trust are major components of the recruiter-employer relationship, and we must maintain our credibility and integrity with each search.” Says Jessica Lalka of Lucas Group.

At Crawford Thomas Recruiting, we want to build rapport with our clients and candidates alike. Being a recruiter for nearly 6 years, it is nearly impossible to build rapport through emails and text messages. Recruiters and Account Managers must talk to the client and candidates over the phone first! Having these initial phone calls enable our recruiters to make matches based on some soft skills, personality, and cultural fits.

“As it’s important to build a trusting relationship with a client, it’s equally as important to build trust with a candidate. Having a call to get to learn more about one’s experience and personality can help us determine if it would be a good career move. Recruiters can help candidates identify and articulate exactly what they’re looking for in a role and use that information to present exceptional opportunities to them.”

In today’s digital world, it can be somewhat difficult to schedule phone conversations with potential candidates. Excuses like, “email me, it’s faster, or just text me info” are extremely common, but as I mentioned, we cannot establish a relationship through emojis and short messages.

Communication is key to any relationship, not only personal, but professional as well. At Crawford Thomas Recruiting, we want to disclose every bit of information to our candidates. In-order to do so, let’s schedule a call, on your schedule. We’ll discuss the company, salary, job duties, your background, and everything in between.

It’s no secret that the company name and salary will continue to remain proprietary for the foreseeable future.

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Crawford Thomas RecruitingWhy Recruiters Don’t Share Company Name and Salary Info Right Away