10 Ways to Stay Productive During Football Season

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We are 48 hours away from College Football and only a couple weeks until the NFL season kicks off. It’s about time to draft your fantasy teams, dust off the grill for Saturday cookouts, and find your favorite spot on the couch.

This time of year is filled with fun and camaraderie within the office. Casual Friday is full of FSU vs UF banter here in the Crawford Thomas Recruiting Orlando office. I am sure your office is bickering back and forth about the up coming games as well. So the question remains, how do you stay productive during football season?

Let’s go over 10 ways to remain productive.

Power Hour

Commit! Dedicate the first hour to getting as much done as you can. Avoid your email inbox, favorite blogs, and voicemails, and get right to work. This sets the tone for the day and gives you a great sense of accomplishment that can follow you through to home time.

Avoid White Walls

Researchers at the University of Texas found that people made the most errors when working in white rooms.


Get into the office about 15 min early and make a short list of your “must-finish” and your “must-start”. This will allow you to plan the day accordingly.

Listen to Music

If you’re like our office, we have Sirius XM on low in the background. Still, some will plug in their head phones and drown out noises to keep their focus. I suggest breaking up the typical office commotion with some John Williams.

Leave Your Desk for Lunch

Having a lunch break away from your desk can disrupt your productivity routine, but it does provide some much-needed relaxation and respite from your work. Enjoy your lunch break and return to your work with renewed energy and focus.


Keep your work area organized and clutter free. Now you don’t necessarily have to keep your desk paper-free or color-code your folders, but if you’re organized—in whatever way works for you—and you can find things, you’ll be more productive.

Cold Showers

Don’t laugh, but taking a cold morning shower is a productivity hack. It can potentially boost your endorphins to a level similar to what they would be after exercise. It’s an even more useful tip in the summer, because it can cool your body down and shock you out of the lethargic, comfortable mood that sets in on warm summer days.

Watering Hole

Staying hydrated is essential and you can kill two birds here. Plan a time in the mid-morning once you’re finished with the power hour, to refill your water bottle. This is a perfect time to take a 5 minute brain break and catch up with your work mates.

Stand Up

According to researchers at Texas A&M: If you’re able to stand and walk around while working, like we do here, it increases productivity by 46%.

Don’t Multitask

People who multitask regularly have difficulty filtering out irrelevant information and struggle with their working memory. Complete different levels of a task at a time. You don’t necessarily need to finish it all at once.

Productivity is safe this football season. Use these 10 tips to remain productive!

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Crawford Thomas Recruiting10 Ways to Stay Productive During Football Season