5 Things to do When Looking for a New Sales Role

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The time has come, or is coming for you to make a change in employers. No matter the reason, we want you to be prepared. Sales professionals need to have these 5 things taken care of when looking for a new role.

Follow these guidelines for preparing your search for a new sales job.


Everyone knows to update their resume when looking for a new role. The trick is, when searching in sales, to showcase your sales results. Think about what the employer wants to see on a resume. They want to know that you can do your job and do it well. Best thing to add to the resume are all of your sales metrics and sales accomplishments. This will void any doubt about your ability to sell.

Honest Presentation

Far too many times have we seen a resume that exaggerated his/her sales results. Don’t lie on a resume to make yourself look better. If your sales numbers are not great, that’s okay, put the numbers you’ve achieved and be sure to speak to them when the time comes. Presentation is key as well. Providing a brag book of accurate information will go a long way as well. This shows that you are prepared and organized. Most hiring managers will look at three components in a sales rep. Organization, Presentation, and Sales Achievements. Most reps have 2 of the three.


Here at Crawford Thomas Recruiting, we have incentives for positive recruiter or account manager reviews. We provide a link to our multiple Google pages and encourage candidates and clients to leave a message. This not only helps our reputation, but provides real endorsements from people we’ve worked with. Same goes for sales reps. If you have a client that you’ve built rapport with, don’t be shy to ask for a LinkedIn endorsement or letter of recommendation for future employers to see.

Google Search

Simple. Do a Google search of your name. What do you see? Can you remove any of the negative things, perhaps pictures from your social media accounts?

Interview Prep

Just because you’re a successful sales rep, does not make you a great interviewer. Some would assume that if you can sell a product, you can sell yourself. I wrote an article on the famous interview question, “So, Tell me about yourself”. That’s actually a tougher answer than you’d think. Be prepared and ready for your interview with these tips here.

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Crawford Thomas Recruiting5 Things to do When Looking for a New Sales Role